All Energy Companies Bankrupted in 2021-And What Remains

Light bulbs are the latest in a long list of energy providers that went bankrupt last year, and more energy companies are expected to collapse, but which one did you actually do?

The crisis was caused by something of a perfect storm

This year was a disastrous year for UK energy providers. 25 Stopped trading Already and 11 more It seemed to be facing a collapse.

With rising fuel costs, the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (Ofgem) has raised the bill’s cap to help providers float.

There are concerns that energy prices in some UK homes could rise between £ 139 and £ 1,277 at the same time as a £ 20 drop. Universal credit..

The news comes from a major provider, Bulb, the UK’s seventh-largest energy provider, announcing its move to management in November.

It’s a series of folds of energy companies that are getting a lot of attention.

But which company was closed in 2021 and who remains?

Why did the energy company go bankrupt and which one was closed in 2021?

Ofgem regulates UK energy companies and sets a price limit on how much they can charge their customers


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The main reason for the collapse of many energy companies in the country is rising fuel prices around the world.

This was caused by a complete storm of reduced supply from Russia, rising demand in Asia, and the closure of several North Sea platforms for maintenance.

With the resumption of society after the pandemic, the demand for energy has increased, and many suppliers have been unable to buy fuel at a lower price than they were selling it.

According to Oil & Gas UK, wholesale gas prices have risen 250% since the beginning of the year and rose 70% in August alone.

There were 71 registered energy suppliers in the UK earlier this year, but industry forecasts predict that this number could drop to 10 by the end of 2021.

Here are all the companies we’ve been to so far:

  • Simple Energy – January 2021
  • Green Network Energy – January 2021
  • Hub Energy – August 2021
  • PfP Energy – September 2021
  • MoneyPlus Energy – September 2021
  • Utility Point – September 2021
  • People’s Energy – September 2021
  • Green-September 2021
  • Abro Energy-September 2021
  • IglooEnergy-September 2021
  • Symbio Energy-September 2021
  • ENSTROGA-September 2021
  • Pure Planet-October 2021
  • Colorado Energy-October 2021
  • Darigas-October 2021
  • GOTO Energy-October 2021
  • Blue Green Energy Service Limited-November 2021
  • Omni Energy Limited-November 2021
  • MA Energy Limited-November 2021
  • Zebra PowerLimited-November 2021
  • Ampoweruk Ltd-November 2021
  • CNG Energy-November 2021
  • Neon Energy-November 2021
  • Social energy supply-November 2021
  • Light Bulbs-November 2021 (under control and for now continues to work properly under them)

Which energy company can I switch to if my supplier goes bankrupt?

Ofgem advises We are waiting for you to automatically switch to your new provider before deciding who to use for the long term.

If a supplier closes a transaction, it may take several weeks before the new provider is confirmed, but we expect to be informed about who the supplier is and when the account will be fully transferred. is needed.

Experts say energy prices continue to rise


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The six largest energy companies have a lower risk of bankruptcy than many smaller companies, so it may be a wise choice to look at a sample. they are:

  • British gas
  • E.ON
  • SSE
  • EDF Energy
  • Scottish power
  • npower

For more information on what to do if your energy supplier goes bankrupt, see the following URL: Citizen advice..

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All Energy Companies Bankrupted in 2021-And What Remains

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