Alpina B4 Grand Coupe Review (2022)

The rest of the interior is primarily BMW-based, but with a touch of Alpina, including finely stitched leather, small plaques in the transmission tunnel, and carbon fiber trim. The instrument cluster has a unique alpina treatment. If you see the car somewhere in the infotainment panel, you’ll see the Alpina version instead of the underlying BMW. Even with the correct color.

Like the base BMW, it has a choice of chassis, steering and engine modes, but the softest settings don’t really give you a good understanding of the ride, so you should choose the stiffest chassis and the most angry engine and gearbox. thought. Anyway comfortable. Also, with the large acceleration, braking and cornering inputs that the test truck passes through the car, the B4 withstands heavy vehicles focused on the road very well on hot days.

The B4 accelerates very fast – 0-62mph is 3.7 seconds – with smooth and fast gearshifts, and in the sharpest engine and gearbox modes, there are occasional and very subtle exhaust pops and baburs overruns. It has a less gravel engine note than I remember from my recent M3 / M4 experience and has a 6-cylinder Yelp, but it feels smoother and quieter than the M car. Seeing some cars wrap from a vantage point next to the truck, a turbocharged petrol or diesel Alpina fleet produces a particularly subdued truck day noise. Listen mainly to them only when you can see them.

The B4 has moderate speed and weight (selectable) and maneuvers with excellent accuracy. Body movements are relatively fast and sharp, but very controlled. There is a gentle dive during braking, which helps to plant the nose. Once you settle into your cornering stance, the chassis balance is great.

Alpina engineers talk a lot about getting entry speed on track. If you try to carry too much speed, this front engine length 4.8m, 1965kg car will approach stable understeer if needed.

Alpina B4 Grand Coupe Review (2022)

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