American Roulette – Why Is It So Great and What Secrets Is It Hiding?

For many, the game of roulette is no longer a simple pastime or entertainment: many gambling enthusiasts are now aiming at roulette as a way to make money online regularly. That’s right: many players now not only can safely play roulette from the comfort of their own home, but also manage to make money at the same time. They can easily play roulette for real money!

Stay Armed to Win the Money

It happens very often for many players to suffer heavy losses when playing at the casino and if this happens the finger should be pointed above all to the lack of a strategy that gives the player an advantage to generate winnings and make a profit. An individual who is not armed with effective strategies is bound to lose and greatly lighten their wallet. There are various strategies applicable to roulette, many available on the internet and damn there are so many! Much of these gambling strategies and tips claim they can lead a bettor to success. The reality is that many of these methods are not effective and, even worse, they risk causing you big losses.

Tricks Behind American Roulette

American Roulette is one of the hottest topics of online casinos: loved and hated at the same time, it is impossible not to deny its charm. Considered to be one of the hard bones of casinos, this riskier variant of the game of Roulette is surrounded by myths and legends. Only the most experienced players can give an effective evaluation of its convenience, and we went in search of their opinion, in order to be sure of having objective evaluations.

Overview of American Roulette

For those who are not a great casino expert, Roulette is distinguished by the structure of the cylinder, or the numbers of the pockets: while the European and French versions have 36 numbers and a single zero, the American version has both zero and double zero. So, considering that zero entails immediate loss for the player, the chances of losing in American Roulette are double that of other variants.

The house advantage, to get a more precise idea, is therefore the following:

5.26 for American Roulette;

2.70 for the European variant;

1.50 for the French one.

So why play the US version of the game, as many experienced players do? And how have many players done in the past when the house advantage was even greater than 12

How to Play American Roulette

American Roulette is basically like other types of Roulette. The basic rules consist in predicting the number on which the ball will settle: the player can decide to bet on one or more numbers, also based on his experience.

Although this variant of the game is not very common in Europe, you will not have difficulty finding online casinos that include it in their carnet: the important thing is to always select the best, safe and certified gaming portals.

US Roulette Nota Bene

The fact that the US version has a greater home advantage shouldn’t make you forget three important considerations:

As in any other game, the greater the risk, the greater the winnings: even if the house edge is higher, the amounts won are also higher, and this detail is perfectly suited to those who already have some experience game and want to try something more exciting;

When there are fewer players who flock to a particular game in an online casino, the winnings from this given are lower, so the final prize pool is already higher, as it does not have to be divided among many wins, even if not particularly high; Find the best online casino reviews here on SlotoGate

As a further consequence of the first two points, when you play American Roulette it is sufficient to make small bets, while being able to keep the probability of high winnings high.

Since this variant of Roulette is a little more demanding than the others, but more profitable, it may be useful to apply some strategies that are well suited to this game, such as the Martingale, the reverse Martingale and the Paroli system. The rule that always applies, of course, is that of responsibility in the game!

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