An easy way to check if your energy bill is wrong-including smart meter mistakes

Energy companies often automate the invoice calculation process. This means that mistakes will occur.Here, our consumer expert Martin James speaks to you through a vigilant danger signal.

Energy charges are very complex and their calculation method is not particularly easy to understand.

Will energy charges be wrong?Think about a year ago before and before the crisis of living expenses begins. 27 energy companies went bankrupt..

Energy regulators announced a few years ago that 18 energy companies overcharged 1 million people by £ 7.2 million. And that was just the result of switching suppliers.

So, before the current situation, with just one aspect of energy billing, things weren’t going very well already.

Energy charges are very complex and their calculation method is not particularly easy to understand. Energy companies often automate the invoice calculation process. In other words, the real person will only check the calculation if he complains.

Add to mix estimated measurements and Broken meterYou can see various energy charges and human error, and why there may be a lot of inaccuracies in the invoice you receive.

However, in recent months, complaints about billing errors have skyrocketed as people receive apparently incorrect payment requests. what happened?

What is the cause of the billing error?

There are three main reasons for the significant increase in billing disputes.

  • The pandemic meant that many invoices were quoted, mainly because the meter leaders and engineers were grounded by the blockade.
  • Millions of people have been switched to new providers, handing over all the old invoice issues to new energy companies, making it harder to understand what’s going on.
  • With a 54% increase in energy prices, it’s much harder for people to know if their bills are wrong or if they’re increasing along with all the warnings of fate we’re all hearing. It means difficult.

How can I tell if my invoice was incorrect?

Don’t try to become an energy expert overnight! Despite my 20 years as a consumer champion, the mystery of the energy bill still sometimes confuses me.

So go with your intestines.Don’t have your energy bill Increased by 54% or more -So you can file a complaint if:

Did your bill rise dramatically before the price cap was applied in April? Fixed-price transactions may have ended.

Many reported that they had a significant increase in their invoices before the highest price increase began.

This practice has been sharply criticized by many consumer champions, politicians and critics.

If you experience a price increase of more than 54% invoices, you should ask the company to explain in writing why you did this and what other options were available. If you are not satisfied with the answer, tell the Energy Ombudsman the problem.

Check your invoice in the Energy Usage section. This indicates whether the supplier relies on estimated readings.

They may have been doing this for some time. Therefore, when you give the actual readings (or when someone comes to check your meter), the estimation error becomes apparent.

Even if the company slightly underestimates this, this can increase dramatically over the years of the pandemic.

The business is not only obliged to pass you cost estimation errors, but also to get things right. So push it back and complain.

Take a common sense view. If your bill is £ 800 a year and is now £ 3,000, something is obviously wrong.

This is well above the price limit, and for many reasons, we need to ask the energy company to explain what’s happening in simple words.

So can you help me?

First of all, get the appropriate meter readings from both the gas meter and the energy meter (if you are using dual fuel). Check the measured value on the invoice.

If you have an old analog meter (with a dial that goes in different directions, like a clock face), it’s easy to make mistakes, so don’t hurry.

If the smart meter display is playing or not being sent, please report that as well. Remember that you take a picture of the meter as you have another record of reading. In fact, take a picture and email it to yourself with the subject “Meter reading” and “Date”. That way, if there is a dispute, you can find it.

If you suspect that your meter is out of order, your energy provider may ask you to read the meter daily for 7 days to see if there are any obvious problems.

But in the end, if the measurements don’t make sense, the energy company needs to solve the problem. This includes sending engineers to assess the performance of the meter and performing forensic analysis of invoices.

If your bill has increased dramatically because your business relied on estimates, file a formal complaint. The company may not “back bill” more than 12 months from the date of the invoice.

Backbilling is where the invoice is recalculated (or sent for the first time) more than a year before the current invoice.

Businesses should not charge you for the first time about energy consumption errors more than 12 months ago, unless they deliberately avoided meter readers when they visited. Regulatory statements are as follows:

If you move to a new supplier, don’t panic. Your new energy provider should have the information they need to look for errors and mistakes with companies they don’t do business with, although they may have a backlog.

Speed ​​things up by taking a photo of your old invoice and attaching it to your complaint along with other supplementary documents.

How can I file a complaint?

Resolver helps you file free complaints about everything related to energy, from false billing to switching errors.let’s start Here..

If you’re still unsatisfied, there’s also a free energy ombudsman. If the complaints are not resolved, Resolver will automatically refer to them.

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An easy way to check if your energy bill is wrong-including smart meter mistakes

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