An Englishman who hates pulling the sick during a pandemic

UK workers recorded the seventh lowest sick leave in Europe last year, according to the report. New research It identifies the most notorious and most notorious countries by pulling sickie..

With the cold winter months approaching and rising Covid infection rates, many anticipate difficulties months ahead.

Despite experiencing a global outbreak for the past 19 months, UK workers averaged only 5.8 days of sick leave last year, according to a survey by labor management solution providers.

Sweden and Switzerland are top

Both Switzerland and Sweden shared the top spot with excellent attendance, and their workers averaged only 2.4 days of sick leave during the calendar year. Ukraine (3.7 days) and Malta (4.2 days) made up the remaining top three.

According to Mitrefinch, the very low incidence of illness in these two countries is due to their well-known qualifications for annual leave.

Sweden is known for having more vacations than any other country in the world, with 41 days of paid vacation, and the efforts of British workers are even more impressive.

When Remote workI wasn’t too worried about catching colds and other bugs every year from my office colleagues.

British feel sick and guilty

But British workers say they feel guilty when they’re already sick. work remotely, And recent figures suggest that more than one-third of UK workers continue to log on (even from bed!) Despite their illness.

The report says that this is a fear of redundancy, or PresenteeismPhenomena discussed by; Sabrina Manz in her analytical work About HR review.

Bulgarian employees are most likely to make phone calls due to illness, according to the latest figures available, with an average of 22 days off per year. German workers did not work very well after spending 18.3 days. Workers in the Czech Republic are also ill for more than 3 weeks (16.3 days).

Earlier this week, the HR review was in Rome Garbage dilemma, Where the mayor provided financial compensation to waste workers who did not skip work. It was reported that a thousand workers are taking a day off every day in the city, which is notorious for being dirty.

Sick leave may be required for recovery

Mark Dewell, managing director of Mitrefinch, said sick days and other absenteeism will cost the UK economy £ 18 billion annually due to reduced productivity and is expected to reach £ 21 billion in 2022. However, he said it was still important to give workers time. To recover when they need it.

He states: Taking time out of work mode to recover from illness (mental or physical) is essential to the productivity and growth of a successful business, with more than one-third of UK workers ill. The fact that they allow them to work nevertheless is a concern. “

Lizzie Benton, a cultural consultant at Liberty Mind, criticized the attitude of the UK’s “obsolete” workplace.

“It’s not just a holiday act, it’s an effect this may have when employees return to work. To imply that managers treat them cold or somehow forge it. I asked too many questions about the holidays. “

An Englishman who hates pulling the sick during a pandemic

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