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An old man accused of “unnatural sex with a goat” faces whipping and 20 years in prison

The old man has been Accused And having “unnatural” sex goat You may be sentenced to whiplash.

Shaari Hasan, a 60-year-old widow living near Lauan, Malaysia Charged After allegedly committing an act of illness on July 27, this year.

Under Article 377 of the Malaysian Criminal Code, he faces up to 20 years in prison and heavy fines or brutal whipping.

According to local media reports, a 45-year-old female goat owner was caught during the act when he heard an animal making a strange noise from the back of the house.

According to police, she then hurried to the hen and found a half-naked man standing next to her.

Hasan denied that the clothes seized on the scene belonged to him

After noticing the woman, he did it. The owner found her goat dead after the incident and devastated it.

In court yesterday, Hasan finally pleaded not guilty and first pleaded guilty when the indictment was read aloud.

The turnaround occurred after Judge Nurul Mardhiah Mohammed Redza submitted to court a T-shirt and trousers allegedly taken out of Hasan during his arrest.

The judge asked the defendant, “Do your shirt and trousers belong to you?”

Hasan replied: “No.”

The judge then explained that Hasan’s first plea was unacceptable unless he admitted that the clothes belonged to him.

As a result, the accusation was read aloud again and the old man pleaded not guilty.

An old man accused of
After the man escaped from the scene, the owner found the goat dead

Hasan’s lawyer sought bail from the court, but deputy prosecutor Siti Khadijah Amir Hamdzah strongly opposed it.

The court stood on the side of the prosecutor and did not provide bail to the accused.

Hasan will return to court for mention on December 24th.

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An old man accused of "unnatural sex with a goat" faces whipping and 20 years in prison

Source link An old man accused of "unnatural sex with a goat" faces whipping and 20 years in prison

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