Ant and Dec reveal what to expect for the next series of I’m a Celebrity and what they’re watching on TV

I’m A Celebrity hosts Ant and Dec are excited to return to North Wales for a new series of ITV reality shows.

Presenting duos Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly are becoming another thrilling series, being informed by the show’s boss who is in the lineup.

Last week they met with their boss and carried out the 21st series plan.

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Ant states: “I’m asking who the cast is. I know where it is at this point.

Ant and Deck in North Wales

“Many people drop out, join, change, get cold, and decide to quit.

“They show us a picture of who in the first lineup, and it’s very exciting.”

In December, he said: “They tell us how the first week will be carried out and the format they are planning.

“It looks really good. It’s shaped to be a good series.”

The pair say they are relaxing at Glitch Castle in Abergere after the show moved there for a Covid pandemic last year.

Ant and Dec chat with MEN entertainer Katie Fitpatrick

“I’m really excited to be back in Wales,” said December.

“Last year I had a very nice time. The last time I was there it was closed, but everyone really welcomed me.

“We received a really warm welcome. The fact that we can’t travel this year means we have an amazing failsafe on our way back to Wales.

“We are very happy to be back there.”

They made the history of the National Television Awards, which won the 20th Best Presenter this year.

Ant was asked what he wanted to see on TV while resting in front of the camera. “I watch everything from Netflix and Amazon to the BBC, ITV and everything else. Anything.

“If it’s interesting, we look at it and send texts to each other,” Are you looking at this? Are you looking at White Lotus? Are you looking at Vigil? ? We have a list to look at in the planner.

“We love it.”

In December, he added: “It’s funny not to see a lot of big entertainment shows. It’s not a very relaxing watch as it introduces a lot of shows.

“It’s hard to turn off and watch an entertainment show.”

However, they have the exception of two highly beloved shows, Bake Off and Masked Singer.

Ant explains:

Ant reveals he’s a fan of Bake Off

In December, “I’m looking at nuts, so I’m a masked singer, because it’s a very crazy bonker.

“I don’t see it with critical eyes, I see it, and it’s so nutty. I want to do it just to see his face.

“We’re with Joel Dommett and he’s doing a great job with it. I mentioned it in a previous one-show interview, and literally we aired at 7:30 pm I quit, and by 7:45 pm they were on the phone and asked if they wanted to be a masked singer. I declined. “

Ali laughed: “Or so he says. We’ll never know until the ferret removes his head.”

Ant and DecFame in the CBBC drama “Biker Grove” was in Manchester and brought The Prince’s Trust’s Making it in Media program to the city. This is a two-week program for people aged 16 to 25 who have no work, education or training and offers the opportunity to gain industry knowledge from professionals.

TV duo meeting Prince’s Trust students

They are looking for local media and entertainment employers who want to hire young talent this fall.

“No one had a cell phone when we started. Don’t worry about your Instagram account. That was a big change,” Ant said.

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“And the industry has changed very rapidly these days about how you shoot things and how you can be an editor, presenter and director.

“Opportunities are immeasurable. We are trying to provide children who normally do not have the opportunity to work in a great industry.”

And in December, he said:

“We always enjoyed TV. I still love TV and watch a lot of TV. I fell into a biker glove and suddenly a whole new world opened up.

“Without that opportunity, we wouldn’t be in the industry.”

For more information, please contact The Trust at Gethiredinfo @ princes-trust.org.uk or visit the following website: princes-trust.org.uk For more information.

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Ant and Dec reveal what to expect for the next series of I'm a Celebrity and what they're watching on TV

Source link Ant and Dec reveal what to expect for the next series of I'm a Celebrity and what they're watching on TV

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