Anxiety about Free Day: What to do if you are worried about lifting coronavirus restrictions

This weekend I had a terrifying experience in Tesco’s frozen food section, and it wasn’t because they ran out of fish food (they had). That’s because a man came and stood uncomfortable near me (probably also looking for fish food) and started coughing.He wasn’t wearing Face mask..

I had to bolt the store as soon as possible, immerse myself in an anti-back, wait outside until the panic subsided, inhale a deep chunk of fresh air and curse my lunchtime thirst for Ben and Ceza. It was.

You will be forgiven for thinking I was a little overreacted.So Blockade restrictions Continuing easing, our social life has returned to (almost) pre-pandemic parameters, and the world is beginning to look a little more “normal” every day. Today, Boris Johnson will release a blueprint for July 19th, “Free Day”.In this blueprint, with the rule of social distance of 1 meter Work at home The order will be withdrawn and you will no longer be required to wear a mask.

The prime minister said he would “set out a way to restore people’s freedom,” blaming the public for “exercising judgment” rather than legally enforced restrictions, and “learning to live with the coronavirus.” There is. ” influenza”.

This is very welcome news in some respects, but economic, national mental health – It sends a wave of discomfort anxiety Through my body. Given that you’re in a maskless nightclub or a nightclub surrounded by sardine-packed sweaty bodies, you’ll never want to step into public transport or the book club.

A brief poll by the GLAMOR team and my WhatsApp group shows that I’m not alone, but why isn’t anyone talking about it? Why do you feel it is socially unacceptable-almost taboo- Absent I want to lift all restrictions, what can I do about this “proximity panic”?

“There are many reasons why people may feel uneasy about completely lifting restrictions,” he says. Dr. Lydia Kearney An expert in social unrest in the Faculty of Psychology, University of Kent. “For some people, their main concern is to catch Covid or give it to others. For some, crowds, indoor meals, hugs, etc. What they haven’t experienced can itself trigger anxiety. They can’t pinpoint exactly what they’re worried about, they just know they’re feeling anxious. “

Given the devastating and horrifying headlines of the last 18 months, it’s no wonder that many of us have “freedom day anxiety.” “Any form of anxiety is based on a sense of danger. We have long heard about the true medical dangers of direct contact, so feeling anxious or anxious about spending time with others It’s perfectly understandable, if you’re doing so according to current guidelines, “added Dr. Kearney.

“While the risk has diminished, it has not completely disappeared, especially. Delta variant – Therefore, it makes perfect sense for some to be excited about the end of the restriction and for others to be afraid of it. “

It doesn’t help that many of us feel under pressure to move to full normality as seamlessly as possible and lift the restrictions. We may feel this pressure from the generally enjoyable reaction of society to Free Day, or from our inner circle members.

“It’s very easy to feel that only you are concerned when everyone seems to be boldly planning,” says Dr. Kearney. “This feeling of’out of step with the majority’is anxious and can make us suspicious. As a result of this self-doubt, we encourage us to participate in unprepared activities. When pushing yourself to, in fact, that experience only intensifies our anxiety, which may mean that it takes longer than we feel otherwise ready to enjoy the end of the limit. not.”

Here are some of Dr. Kearney’s top tips for dealing with free day anxiety if you still don’t want to abandon social distance or wearing a mask …

List what is ready (and not ready)

We all have different levels of risk tolerance, so take some time to resolve your risk.This may take into account your general health, etc., regardless of whether you (and your household) are in perfect health. Vaccination, Your work situation, and the pattern of Covid cases in your area. This should help you understand that you are ready, and that you are even more ready. Perhaps you are ready to socialize at a friend’s house, but only if everyone there has recently taken a negative test. Perhaps you are comfortable eating out with one or two other people who know you are fully vaccinated.

Have an honest chat with your loved one

Try to have an open conversation about where you are-it will be most useful if you assemble this as about your experience and the level of risk you are comfortable with. This should reveal to your loved ones whether your decision is not about whether you want to see them, but whether you personally feel safe to do so.

Take the steps of the sense of smell

The best way to overcome anxiety is to give yourself the opportunity to realize that the danger is not as bad as we think. This means that we have to experience the situation to overcome the anxiety about it.During treatment Anxiety disorder, This is called exposure therapy and is done in stages. We do not throw people into the deepest part in the most feared situations, but slowly build them up. So make the most of summer. We know that it’s unlikely that you’ll infect or catch Covid when you’re outside, so take advantage of sunny days to rest assured that you’ll be able to resume socializing.

Remember that anxiety is not always about feeling tense

Anxiety can look different than what we expect-sometimes it comes up as hypersensitivity, Lack of sleep, Tears, or physical symptoms such as muscle aches and stomach problems. Be aware of how you feel, and if anxiety interferes with your life and prevents you from doing what you want to do, whether it’s informal support from a friend or not. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Or more formal support via your GP.

Be kind to yourself

One of the worst parts of anxiety is to convince us that we are the only ones struggling and to scare us to reach out because we think others will judge us. .. The truth is that we have experienced something truly scary, unprecedented in society. I’m even more surprised to hear that someone wasn’t worried about the end of the restrictions and the “return to normal life.” Take a break yourself. The world is there when you are ready for it.

If you are overwhelmed by anxiety and need advice, please visit: Or talk to your family doctor.

Anxiety about Free Day: What to do if you are worried about lifting coronavirus restrictions

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