Ardor trading in 2021: How to get an Ardor in your wallet?

Are you planning to buy an Ardor? If so, you’re in the right place – here we have got you covered with all the steps to get an Ardor in your wallet.

What is Ardor and where to buy it?

Ardor is basically a platform that was originated by the Jelurida company on January 1st, 2018, by using crowd sales and producing the first-ever child chain named IGNIS. The leading purpose of the Ardor is to support the companies for designing child chains as by using this coin, companies don’t require to do the coding. You can buy, sell, and trade an Ardor through supported fiat currencies and different deposit methods.

How to get an Ardor in your wallet?

You can go to a credit card, debit card, PayPal, or even any cryptocurrency to get the ARDOR – although the transaction won’t be immediate! It requires different processes. Plus, you should consider attaining access to the esteemed cryptocurrency exchange to ensure everything is secure and sound.

1st Step: Purchase Ethereum or Bitcoin at Coinbase:

So once you buy your Ethereum or Bitcoin, you can go for the next step!

2nd Step: Select a Cryptocurrency Exchange for your investments:

Once you have selected your Coinbase account, you will need to find a crypto exchange that can support an Ardor currency so that you can exchange Ardor to Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Here are some recommendations you can follow to exchange your Bitcoin or Ethereum with Ardor!

  1. io:

It is a crypto exchange platform part of Gate Technology and was registered in the USA in 2017. It can handle transactions only by using cryptocurrency deposit methods, so you can not find FIAT options in it.


It is the top-hole cryptocurrency exchange that can trade several digital assets through Debit cards, Bank transfers, wire transfers, and FIAT currencies.

3rd Step: Store your Ardor Assets in a secured wallet:

Once you have registered to any preferable exchange method, you will require a secured crypto wallet to save your goods. We recommend you use a hardware wallet as it can support many cryptocurrencies and can install easily. The LEDGER and TREZOR are the best hardware wallets to secure your ARDR as both offer secure, easy-to-manage, and mobile-friendly features.


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