Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Real?

Like most of you i saw that Instagram video Jennifer Lopez Climb the car on the red carpet Ben Affleck Many times this weekend.

How he puts his arms intimately on a small piece of her back, how she whispers something we never know, which causes him to laugh dirty. A 37-second video crescendo heads to the finale. Before Ben walks with his arms crossed, he pulls in Jen for a final hug, followed by a couple posing for a photo in a sea of ​​flashing lights.

An era when social media forced the curtain on the Hollywood façade back (hello) Ticktaku (Breaking Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Announcement), Ben and Jen proved that traditional promotional stunts still have a great deal of weight.

It’s far from me to burst you Benifer They bubble with my own belief that they are just one of the best PR strategies of recent years. After all, it doesn’t matter if you give you concrete proof that their combination was planned by a team of marketing masterminds (sadly, I don’t have that proof). Why does their relationship exist?

From lava lamps that illuminate a slightly dull neon pink room to clips of small butterflies that you bought whimsically from ASOS, you only need to see a 34-year-old woman who bought recently. Knowing that the only comfort we have in these uncertain times is nostalgia. Not only my desire for the 2003 Louis Vuitton x Murakami multicolor shoulder bag, but now it’s all driving.

As far as we talk about it, we are still living in a pandemic, so we cannot fully understand what we have experienced in the last 18 months. We know that life will never be the same, but we still don’t know what it will be like.

We are also faced with the reality of climate change when it is not enough to stay home for weeks, as in The Walking Dead episode. Flash floods, intolerable heat waves, wildfires, and storms are 10 o’clock news, but still biting a paper straw can’t essentially wrap your head within 20 years (without action). Appear in our own Tom Cruise disaster movie.

Like you, I will not be able to commute at the age of 54 someday. Of course, at the age of 54, you can’t canoe around Soho because of rising sea levels.

I feel too much to deal with all of this, nor do I mention the political divisions that tear the country, racism, food shortages, Brexit, and the rise of fake news that fuels anti-vax followers. ..

So, of course, we take the lava lamp back to our childhood bedroom and follow our Instagram account. Britney Spears With VMA performance before adult guardianship Jessica Simpson Quote of newlyweds before divorce.

It’s all simply too much, but do you know when it wasn’t too much and when we all didn’t feel destined? When Jen and Ben were on the yacht in 2002, your biggest question was how to get pink Chloe sunglasses with a crystal heart in the corner.

Our rosy glasses were so tightly fitted that we were able to bring Benifer 2.0 to life. Why do you think they recreated those iconic boat photos 20 years later?The same reason that Addison Ray’s movie debut is a remake She is everything, Nostalgia sells.

When life is so scary, memories are not enough. We need to feel a concrete connection with the past. That’s why I’m looking for a Baby-G watch on eBay while Kanye West is making a replica of her childhood home.

If it wasn’t enough to bring out the nostalgia, Benifer has another trump card. It’s the reunion of the old exe metaphor.

If you haven’t experienced life with an “escape”, you’re pretty lucky. You know one from your past who comes to your memory just before you go to bed. For those who haven’t seen each other for years, standing entirely alone on a subway platform has a familiar scent.

A simple Google “How to get it back” proves that you’re not the only one cursing your lost lover to have a private Instagram account. “How to get the original back forever”, “Six tips to get back with the original”, “Attract the original to life again”.

Jennifer and Ben have done what our hundreds and thousands of people wanted. Seeing them walk on the red carpet gives us the same hope as reading “12 rules to follow for returning with ex-boyfriend.” These are the living manifestations of what we can experience if we can go through the next 11 steps.

In fact, we live so compensatory through them that their staged photography is now a source of comfort. We talk to friends as we know them. We eagerly want them to be genuine, as the comfort they provide to us can avoid our own uncertainties.

Yeah, you might wonder if you can date someone who owns a lizard, scroll through the hinges and feel uneasy, or instead scroll through Benifer’s Instagram video and reunite with the original. not.

But as much as our rosy nostalgic glass completely ignores the horrifying parts of the early 000s, such as the zero-size obsession, the Iraq War, the global financial crisis, and the Indonesian tsunami on Boxing Day. is not. Give some examples) – They also stop us from remembering the bad parts of our exe. We do not remember the pain of the previous day-to-day life with them, the sneaky comments about our interests, or the timid way they left our lives.

That’s why it’s important not to get lost in the source of nostalgia. Like Benifer’s relationship, we tend to remember on a highly decorated pedestal.

Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Real?

Source link Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Real?

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