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Are you tired and tired?This is what to do about it

Coming soon Christmas And at the end of this year, we are all feeling a little tired. Needless to say, the past two years have been difficult and I still feel the effects of the pandemic. And when I thought that life was finally back to normal Omicron variant I decided to take over.Currently, new rules have been introduced and enforced Next means And I feel that life is a little overwhelming.

Other than the pandemic, the deadline has increased and it’s ahead of schedule, coffee catch-ups and night outs with friends fill the calendar, and there’s overwhelming pressure to finish everything by December 25th, so this time of year. Anyway, I tend to feel stressed.Wellness coach says Head plan Founder Dennis Kenny Burn.

“Work load, financial constraints, and the pressure to have a perfect Christmas are just a few of the common stressors,” she told HuffPost UK. “But keep in mind that it has been a major stressor for us over the last two years. The pandemic and the uncertainties it brings can have a huge impact on our feelings.”

How did the pandemic affect burnout?

Burnout says that the main reason for the increase in burnout is the blurring of the line between individuals and professionals, as many of us are working from home again.And if you have kids who are Send home from school and self-quarantine, It adds extra pressure.

“It’s very difficult to switch off and it’s always on,” she says.

“It’s not surprising given that many of us manage busy work schedules, video calls, homeschooling, and household chores every day. Many of the stress-relieving activities we’ve done are annual leave. , Physical education classes, free social planning, etc. It’s no longer an option for many of us. Simply put, it’s not as relaxing or downtime as it used to be, but these chaos. I don’t know how to deal with the times. “

Isa Welly, Nutritional therapist and wellness coach, Says that a pandemic means that most of us live in lasting stress.

“We live in fear and the unknown world of tomorrow, and our bodies respond to this danger of entering into a fight-or-flight reaction,” she says. “But when we stay in that fight and escape mode for a long time, it really hits our mental and physical health, and it’s no exaggeration to say that we were all there. And now we feel completely exhausted from everything. “

What are the signs of burnout / fatigue?

Byrne states that signs of burnout may include:

  • In most cases, feeling tired and exhausted
  • Frequent headaches and muscle aches
  • Feeling helpless, trapped and defeated
  • Loss of motivation
  • Withdrawal from responsibility
  • Isolate yourself from others
  • Procrastination takes time to get things done.

Welly adds that you may notice physical changes in your body. “Burnout can also manifest in the body by slowing down our overall metabolism,” she says. “The digestive system can slow down, hormonal imbalances and overall insensitivity.”

What can we do when we are experiencing burnout?

Byrne provides HuffPost UK with five ways to tackle this year’s burnout.

1 Write down everything

“And I mean everything … that hair appointment you narrowed down, a last-minute shopping trip, an approaching deadline. It’s scientifically proven that you can reduce stress by planning this way. It’s a process known as “aggressive coping,” she says.

When we schedule an event that we find potentially stressful, it can create expectations rather than actually overwhelming, Burn adds.

“And what do you think will happen next? Whether it’s a work meeting or a big deadline, expectations for an event can improve productivity and performance and increase your chances of achieving your goals. And I just wrote it down and realized it, “she says. To tell.

2. Control labors

When you’re burned out and overwhelmed, you may feel that you have a lot of things out of your control. So focus on what you can influence.

“What’s the secret to staying cool, calm and collecting this December? Take care of the basics: it’s getting enough sleep, nourishing yourself with food and water, and ensuring that you move your body It means to do it, “says Burn. “This may feel like another bullet point in the endless to-do list, but these” preparatory steps “make all other everyday tasks and actions easier. “

3. Perform the ritual

Daily rituals are activities that allow you to bring your best self every day. It may be written in your gratitude diary, start the morning in meditation, or repeat affirmations.

“This prioritizing health gives us a healthy perspective that sharpens our thinking, protects our energy, and responds positively to stress,” says Burn.

4. Learn to say “no”

“Although this word has only two letters, it has many negative implications and is often accompanied by a secondary sequence of guilt, embarrassment, and embarrassment,” says Burn. “After all, no one feels disappointed by others. But here’s the problem. When we really want to say” no, “say” yes. ” When we really say, “My time and energy don’t matter.” “

If “no” gives you a serious case of “fear”, try practicing with your friends and family first. It may be more comfortable to add a description. In that case, Burn recommends trying phrases like the following: right now. “

5. Be kind to yourself

“All Christmas people around the world put trees in their homes. They are meticulous about putting beautiful ornaments on the trees, breaking the sparkling light and putting shiny gold stars on the trees. I’m paying attention, but as life soars on December 1st, do you take care of yourself so much? “Barn asks.

“Like that Christmas tree, the schedule until Christmas inevitably has some additional decorations that can be a source of stress rather than celebration. You can overcome the ups and downs of the year, 12 or more. Overcoming the challenges and hardships of nearly a month, we’ve come a better way at the other end. There’s just a few weeks of extra time between you and the end of the year, and everything the last 11 months had to offer. You will survive this moment as if you survived. “

Are you tired and tired?This is what to do about it

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