Arrival stock flirting at the $ 20 mark after agreeing to a new partnership

Arrival stock price

Arrival stock price (NASDAQ: ARVL) After steadily rising for several weeks from mid-April, it has surpassed $ 20 this week.Electric car maker Stock market debut in March..Since then Steady flow of positive news Macro trends from the company, and broader, suggest that the future looks bright. However, investors remain interested in their ability to compete in highly competitive and increasingly saturated markets.

Partnership with here

Electric car maker Confirmed in May Established a partnership with digital mapping company Here Technologies to install both location and cloud services on the vehicle.

Arrival states that the technology will improve the performance of the vehicle, thereby reducing its carbon emissions. Tesla and BMW are adopting similar technology, despite their high costs, as the industry is tightening emission standards in key markets.

According to arrival, features here include route calculation, location search, and turn-by-turn navigation.

This is the latest partnership from Arrival to help show the company’s adaptability and positiveness. The other is collaboration with Hitachi.



Arrival participated in Hitachi Europe aiming for Providing new bus and infrastructure solutions across Europe.. The goal of the partnership is to integrate Arrival’s premier products with Hitachi’s digital and operational strengths.

“As the government aims to phase out gasoline and diesel vehicles over the next decade, providing the wide range of solutions and technologies needed in an integrated, streamlined and manageable way is Europe. It’s essential for bus operators and municipalities inside, “said Mike Newgent, EV Head of Hitachi Europe.

“Arrival vehicles have already significantly reduced total customer ownership costs, and when incorporated into Hitachi’s business model, provide a more compelling business case for companies to move their fleets to electricity more quickly. You can see it, “said Hamish Phillips, sales manager. Added in Arriva, UK.

Hitachi and Arrival have indicated their intention to create an ecosystem of solutions throughout the electric vehicle landscape. This makes it easier for customers to navigate the inevitable transition from fossil fuel vehicles. This seems to be yet another important step in Arrival’s broader plans to gain market share across vehicle types and geographic boundaries.


These deals, in addition to support from Hyundai and Kia, ups And UberSheds a fairly bright light on the outlook for UK companies. However, electric vehicle manufacturers’ sales forecasts are ambitious, at $ 1 billion in 2022 and $ 5 billion in 2023, which may be factored into the stock price arrival. Nonetheless, the company is still in the early stages of development and needs to outperform expectations, but early indicators suggest that it is possible.

Arrival stock flirting at the $ 20 mark after agreeing to a new partnership

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