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As the number of Omicron incidents surges, “rules can become stricter after Christmas.”

In the face of rapid expansion, more stringent restrictions may be introduced soon. Omicron Hundreds of thousands of new infections may already occur every day after experts warn.

After Boxing Day, the Sun newspaper reports that an emergency response plan has not yet been presented to the minister, which could impose stricter measures.

This was after a government scientific adviser stated that due to delays in reporting, hospitalization for variants in the UK was “probably about one-tenth the actual number.”

“Up-to-date information on the situation” from the Emergency Science Advisory Group (Sage) on Thursday was released on Saturday, and in the UK “it is almost certain that there are now hundreds of thousands of new Omicron infections per day.” It states.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan He expressed concern about the absence of staff due to infections in critical public services such as the NHS, fire departments and police, and declared a serious incident due to a “very concerned” surge in incidents across the capital.

When asked about the possibility of tightening regulations after Christmas, a government spokesman said, “We will continue to carefully examine all data and consider countermeasures.”

The outlook for the new rules will come within a week Boris Johnson He suffered a rebellion from a number of conservative backbenchers who opposed voting against the forced use of the Covid Health Pass at large venues.

Sir Brexit, who resigned on Saturday, said in his resignation, “We also need to learn to live with Covid, and we know that is your instinct,” he said of the Prime Minister’s thinking. Showed his belief.

It has been reported that the general public may not have access to Sandlingham to see royalty attend church on Christmas Day (Joe Giddens / PA).

(PA archive)

Meanwhile, Miller reported that due to the pandemic, a walk to the royal traditional Christmas church may not be available to the general public.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment, but it is understood that Christmas plans are still under consideration.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that the options included the Queen remaining in Windsor Castle.

The traditional pre-Christmas royal family party, scheduled for Tuesday last week, has been canceled in fear that it could jeopardize many people’s festive arrangements if it goes on. It was confirmed that

Experts warned that indoor mixing is the “greatest risk factor” for the spread of mutants (PAs).

(PA wire)

According to the latest figures from the UK Health and Security Agency, 10,059 confirmed cases of Covid-19 Omicron variant have been added across the UK, bringing the total number of confirmed variants in the four countries to 24,968. I did.

In the United Kingdom, the number of deaths for Omicron variants has increased to 7, and the number of hospitalizations for those with confirmed or suspected Omicron has increased to 85.

Advice from the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group, Operations Subgroup (SPI-MO) on modeling, released on Saturday but dated December 8, in almost all modeling, “on a national scale as well. Significant reduction in infections. ” A “blockade” in January this year will be needed “to keep hospitalization below previous peak heights.”

Experts warned that indoor mixing is the “greatest risk factor” for subspecies epidemics, and that large-scale rallies are at risk of causing “multiple epidemic events.”

They said that strengthening the booster program would not help in terms of hospitalization at this stage, as many are currently infected before immunity is built.

The Liberal Democratic Party called back parliament on Monday and called on party leader Sir to discuss the next steps. Ed davey “We can’t allow the Prime Minister to sit in his hands while the NHS and businesses are on the verge of collapse.”

Stephen Reicher, a professor of social psychology at the University of St Andrews and a member of Sage, clearly said that Plan B measures alone were not enough to stop the surge in cases, and waiting until Christmas was over. “Probably too late”.

The Cobra Conference was scheduled to be held with delegated countries at some point during the weekend.

As the number of Omicron incidents surges, “rules can become stricter after Christmas.”

Source link As the number of Omicron incidents surges, “rules can become stricter after Christmas.”

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