Asos Announces Ambitious Sustainability Goals for 2030

Online retailer Asos has announced Fashion with Integrity 2030, an environmental, social and corporate governance program. This includes efforts to achieve net zero across the value chain by 2030, which will be more cyclical, more transparent and more diverse.

The “Fashion with Integrity 2030” (FWI 2030) program will bring positive benefits to fashion workers and minimize the impact of Asos on the planet while meeting the growing demands of customers seeking more choices in responsible fashion. The focus is on keeping it in check.

With that in mind, Asos and Planet, two comprehensive pillars supported by four key goals by 2030: Net Zero, more cyclical, transparent and diverse. I have set up People.

Asos plans to reach net zero by minimizing its impact on the planet through carbon decarbonization targets set by the Carbon Trust, becoming carbon neutral in its direct business by 2025 and by 2030. We plan to achieve net zero throughout the value chain.

e-tailer also plans to move to a more cyclical system by 2030 so that 100% of its branded products and packaging are made from more sustainable or recycled materials. .. By 2023, by 2030 it will be possible to incorporate circular design principles, 100% of its own branded packaging will be made of recycled materials and by 2025 it will be widely recyclable. Major markets up to 2030.

Asos Announces New ESG Goals-Targeting Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2030

Asos also wants to accelerate transparency and human rights within the supply chain and the broader industry, and will publish a detailed human rights strategy and implementation report annually from 2023. It also ensures that third-party brands sign up for a pledge of transparency and Asos. Ethical trade policy by 2025. In addition, Asos will provide full public transparency for all Asos branded products by 2030.

The ultimate pledge is to focus on leadership representatives and diversify by promoting diversity, fairness and inclusiveness across all aspects of the business. By 2030, Asos said it would ensure that at least 50% of all leadership levels are women and more than 15% are from ethnic minorities.

Nick Beighton, Chief Executive Officer of ASOS, said in a statement: Now we are pleased to announce our FWI2030 program and stretch ambitions.

“By achieving these, we will be a net-zero business that adopts a more cyclical system and uses sustainable recycled materials in our products and packaging. Our progress is centered on fairness and inclusiveness. Driven by a more diverse team to lead businesses where transparency and human rights remain central to our approach, and as we continue our journey to become a true global retailer, we New goals will ensure that we do so sustainably and responsibly. “

Asos wants employee diversity and ensures that 50% of its leadership is from women and 15% is from ethnic minorities.

Bayton added: As we have seen over the last decade, collaboration and engagement with other brands, civil society organizations, and governments is important to drive lasting change. We work closely with our brand partners and suppliers to build new relationships and partnerships to drive progress and build new solutions that enable us to reach our FWI 2030 goals.

“We are all responsible for a sustainable future, and companies must take the lead. We recognize that our customers are reducing their impact on the planet and contributing to a fairer world. And ensure that we offer products and brands that are ethical and responsible for safe shopping. We have embarked on the next step in our FWI journey, and what we are doing is for the planet as well. We are confident that it is right for people and our customers and will support our ambitious growth plans. “

Asos Announces Ambitious Sustainability Goals for 2030

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