Audi E-tron S Review (2021)

Electric cars, like others, will take some time to beat the masses of car purchases, which remain skeptical in some areas, but as technology evolves, it’s moving forward.

We now consider them as effective and affordable full-size family cars. As a desirable supermini and compact crossover. And as a luxury sedan. And after quite a few years there have been a lot of performance cars of some sort, we are now beginning to see some compelling examples of EVs as driver’s cars.

This week’s road exam subject definitely defines itself that way. With the E-tron S quattro Audi Is the first EV to use the “S” high-speed vehicle model identifier. Ingolstadt was a 100-based S4, and it was almost 30 years ago that it first used the “S” as a special model prefix. Since then, it has often been used in four-wheel drive performance versions of cars. A1 Super Mini, TT coupe And Q7 SUV..

This Audi “S Express” has enough full torque to lay evenly Powerful RSQ8 But in the shade – and it also uses electric motors in a different way than that type of electric vehicle. Fully independent, asymmetrical corner-by-corner motor torque vectoring has long been promised to be a trump card that electric vehicles can use to convince enthusiastic drivers that an electric motor is suitable.

So far, mass-produced, relatively available electric cars have still had to be played, and have only appeared in ultra-exotic battery-powered options like the Rimac Concept One. Mercedes-AMG SLS Electric Drive And in the future Lotus Evija..

Audi E-tron S Review (2021)

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