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Aurelia Kelly’s family with a “huge heart” who is proud to continue her legacy of helping others

Aurelia Kelly’s family, who died tragically in a CoAntrim car accident at the end of last year, said she would guarantee that her generous heritage would survive.

Ballymena’s two mothers Died in a car accident with two vehicles In the floss road area of Bali money Thursday, November 4, 2021.

She was the wife of Revd Trevor Kelly, a pastor of the Church of Ireland, the parish deputy minister of Drummaul, Duneane, and Ballyscullion, the mother of Andrew (27 years old), and the mother-in-law of 12-year-old Rebecca and Laura.

Aurelia also survived with her beloved parents Sean and Stella, sisters Lorraine, brothers John and Adrian, and a wider family circle.

Those who know her say that Aurelia had a deep and fulfilling life, and her influence on many will be unforgettable.

Since her premature death at the age of 54, just two months ago, Aurelia has been remembered as a kind and compassionate woman with a “golden heart” and always thinking of others.

Aurelia and Trevor Kelly on a family holiday

That’s how her family remembers her, especially her “teen lover”, Trevor, also 54.

He recalls:

“Aurelia was particularly pleased to have a girl who gave her parents her first granddaughter after seven grandchildren ran. She had great love and pride in her family.

“Our kids were very proud of her. She was a clone of me in appearance and personality, and she was proud of her qualifications as an accountant and many other achievements. I often joked that I was there, including serving the community through mountain rescue.

The Kelly Family with Andrew and Laura on Wedding Day November 2018

“Rebecca was very longing for her daughter. Aurelia loved to spend time with her and was delighted only last year when Rebecca joined the third generation of her family attending the Balimina Academy. She and Aurelia Thank God for having enjoyed many happy times together.

“Laura-Andrew’s wife, a wife who recently joined our family, was also loved by Aurelia. Laura fits our family life very well from the beginning and was full of Christian love that reflected Aurelia. It can be said that it brought her heart.

“Aurelia loved the churches and parishes we have served, and the family of her church, including others throughout Connor’s parish.”

Aurelia and Rebecca.

Looking at the charitable nature of his deceased wife, Trevor added:

“But the true extent of her Christian service to others was something I couldn’t imagine. A typical example is when she often for him on a very hot day last summer. This is our postman who reported that he had a bottle of water ready.

“Her marketing skills and the ability to talk to anyone and anyone were extraordinary and very similar to her aunt Liz.

“Her charity is 13 with her sister who raised thousands of pounds together for Foodbank, Cool from the organization of her Christmas event, the appeal of the blockade, and the generosity of family, friends and neighbors. Revealed at Miles Causeway Walk. FM Christmas Appeal and NI Chest Heart and Stroke Association.

“It is our family’s wish that we continue some of these activities as her testimony.”

Aurelia supported many local charities, and Balimina’s food bank was especially close to her heart.

Shortly before Christmas, the Kelly Family ensured that Aurelia’s heritage would survive by donating to Ballymena Foodbank, one of the many charities in her life that was especially close to her heart.

She appreciated how local organizations can actually make a difference not only for Christmas, but throughout the year for families in need in the community.

A year ago, she arranged a “door step drop donation appeal” for people to leave donations in her garden food bank.

Last December, it became a Christmas gateway appeal, and her garden turned into a decorated “vintage Christmas at home.”

Trevor, Andrew, Laura, and Rebecca continued to collect for food banks at Ballymena’s parents’ home and were also supported by Wrightbus, a bus maker for which Andrew works in the accounting department.

This Christmas was very different for Andrew and his family, who decided to respect Aurelia’s memory by collecting food to donate to those in need.

“We wanted to make sure that my mother’s good work continued, and we were really overwhelmed by both the generous donations and kind words we received in her memory.” Andrew said.

“Christmas without a mother wasn’t the same, but by continuing this collection for the food bank, we confirmed that she continues to support those who have spent a lot of time helping.”

Aurelia Kelly's family with a "huge heart" who is proud to continue her legacy of helping others

Source link Aurelia Kelly's family with a "huge heart" who is proud to continue her legacy of helping others

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