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Australian and New Zealand bomb moves could be the last kick in the rugby league

Rugby league supporters don’t know if they should laugh or cry for a bitter pint.

Given the amazing developments in the staging of the World Cup on these coasts in October and November, it must be the drink of choice now.

Organizers have remained in a turmoil after both Australia and New Zealand have withdrawn from competition due to concerns about the welfare and safety of their players in the light of the pandemic.

Australian and New Zealand rugby league board bosses have revealed that they cannot guarantee the well-being of players, coaches and staff.

One problem is that everyone involved needs to be quarantined for two weeks when returning from the UK, and domestic clubs in Australia and New Zealand do not want this to affect their preparation for the new season.

Australia and New Zealand will not compete in the World Cup this fall

This is difficult to challenge given that nearly half of Australia’s population has been blocked following the Covid 19 surge. Currently, the borders are closed, requiring returnees to spend 14 days in government-controlled quarantine.

Add this to the fact that Covid proceedings are on the rise again in the UK. Prime Minister Boris Johnson Someone in the Southern Hemisphere wants to risk traveling to this country if he decides it is wise to get his life back to normal again while the Super League games are regularly canceled. why?

Rugby Football League (RFL) President Simon Johnson called this a “selfish, narrow and timid decision,” and said, “We are very dissatisfied with this decision and are not ready to lie down.” Inquest has begun.

All the stories of such battles are going well, but Johnson is lobbying the International Rugby League (IRL) Commission to consider banning both countries from the next World Cup in France or the United States. Do you support his words?

Should the World Cup go on?Please let us know at Comment section

Australian team members celebrate their victory in the Australian and English Rugby League World Cup Men's Finals in Brisbane on December 2, 2017. Credits must read PATRICK HAMILTON / AFP via Getty Images)
Australia is the reigning champion

This is one of the proposed punishments, and the impact is considered enormous, as the withdrawal of the two most successful teams in the game looted a huge wrecking ball in the middle of the sport at the worst of times. There is no doubt.

Think of the organizer, John Dutton, who is the CEO of the Rugby League World Cup 2021. He received a notice four minutes before yesterday’s announcement.

Australians are the owners and the charm of the stars. The gamemaster has won eight of the last nine World Cups, and as you can imagine, New Zealand has won another.

Neutral would have paid a lot of money to make sure that one of these was actually working, as the rugby league standards are at a different level than England can produce. But they still can’t.

Auckland, New Zealand-November 2: Kiwi's Adam Blair (C) teams up with Haka in the New Zealand Kiwi and Great Britain Lions International Rugby League Test Match at Eden Park on November 2, 2019. I will do it. new Zealand. (Photo by Fiona Goodall / Getty Images)
New Zealand is one of the main attractions of Rugby World

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England now has a real chance to become a world champion, as long as Australia doesn’t hurt the players already based here! But such a victory is empty and flattering.

Without two powerhouses, the World Cup will do the most damage to the credibility and respect of sports that are already struggling to survive.

In this country’s games, the number of participants has decreased, funding from the broadcast contract with Sky has been cut by almost half, there has been ongoing conflict between clubs over its distribution, and some clubs have disbanded the academy. ..

Frankly, a great rugby league match is in the good old turmoil, and this week’s shocking development could be the last kick of the tooth.

London, England-January 16: Prince Harry of the Duke of Sussex at Buckingham Palace in London, England on January 16, 2020 for men, women and wheelchair tournaments at the Rugby League World Cup 2021 We will hold a lottery. (Photo by Karwai Tang / WireImage)
Prince Harry helped with the January draw

World Cup staging was a large and unprecedented opportunity to promote the sport to a huge international audience that would now be overlooked.

Since the Olympics have begun in Tokyo, it’s safe to assume that the event will be remembered for the wrong reason.

There are no supporters out there who offer all the colors and atmospheres that deserve the sporting occasion of such an earthquake.

The Covid threat is floating in the air, and instead the competition is against the eerie background of silence.

Rugby League World Cup will be held in the UK later this year
Rugby League World Cup will be held in the UK later this year

In the coming decades Tokyo 2020 Until a pandemic occurs and changes the world, it will be infamous in ways we never imagined.

However, athletes who continue to win gold medals, or medals related to them, should be welcomed as some of the best players in history due to the circumstances in which they have won.

That’s because the demands placed on them both before and during the tournament tested them like never before.

So anyone on the podium in the coming weeks will certainly be a worthy champion-and the nature of their success needs to mark them as truly special athletes.

Australian and New Zealand bomb moves could be the last kick in the rugby league

Source link Australian and New Zealand bomb moves could be the last kick in the rugby league

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