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Baby Loss Awareness Week: Delhi Women About the Importance of Talking About Sadness

Women in Delhi affected by baby loss talk about the importance of baby loss awareness week and share their experiences and sorrows.

Joan Henry, Deputy Sister of Waterside Hospital, wrote “Memoir of Mad Mommy” as a guide for navigating pregnancy and baby loss.

Joan spoke MyDerry About the importance of talking about baby loss.

She states: “I think it’s important to recognize awareness of baby loss because it helps break down the taboo on the subject. More about how people can affect you and support you. If you understand, it’s the key to helping families and women through this. A miserable time. “

There have been changes these days, with many celebrities coming out to discuss their experiences, and Joan welcomes discussions about getting rid of the stigma about baby loss.

She states: “It’s warming to see the increasing popularity of awareness and openness in recent years. People are now able to share their stories and organizations will inform society on this topic. It is said.

“The days when women were urged not to speak out about loss for fear of moving forward, hiding their sorrows and making people uncomfortable are over.

“The reaction I’m still getting from sharing my story about loss and pregnancy shows that things have changed and it has opened conversations within the family. Those women have their loss. Thank you for being able to ease that burden of not talking about. They feel supported and strong enough to share.

Joan and her daughter Hannah

“I love people sharing their stories through social media and books like me. I devoured the literature I found when I was in that dark place. What I had I wanted a story of hope from a woman who had experienced it. By seeing this and growing up, I hope that things will only improve. “

While awareness is rising, there is still work to be done within health care services to provide the support women need during this difficult time.

Joan said: “Although improvements are progressing, we still receive many messages from women who are disappointed with our medical services. This needs to be changed. Women are on a long waiting list for counseling. Maternal health, such as mental health, is still considered less important in medical services. This needs to be changed. “

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A miscarriage association worker, Erin Sharkey, also talked about the importance of talking about baby loss.

She states: “It’s important to allow a baby loss awareness week. Families often have little effective support during their baby’s death. This week is the time when people can get together and support each other.

“The two losses are not the same, but they often lead to anger, confusion, guilt, and hopelessness. Many feel very isolated and lonely so that they cannot fully understand their feelings. increase.

“Similarly, friends and family often feel helpless and confused without knowing how to support or care for those who are experiencing this loss. BabyLossAwareness Week brings closures Helps people start accepting sadness.

“Baby Loss Awareness Week is a week in which bereaved parents can share stories, support each other, gather in shared experiences, and reduce the isolation of mourning people.”

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Baby Loss Awareness Week: Delhi Women About the Importance of Talking About Sadness

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