Ban on expulsion of court officials to be lifted next month due to end of tenant Covid support

The government confirmed that the ban on the eviction of the rental sector by court officials in the UK would end on May 31st.

Ban was introduced as an emergency measure during Coronavirus Pandemic.

Court officials are urged not to perform evictions if the person living in the property has Covid-19 symptoms or is self-quarantined.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government said lessees will continue to be supported as the country’s Covid-19 regulations are relaxed.

As part of the step-by-step approach, the notification period, which was previously extended to 6 months as an emergency measure during a pandemic, will be changed from June 1st to 4 months.

Subject to public health advice and roadmap progress, the notification period will return to pre-pandemic levels from October 1st.

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The notification period will return to the pre-pandemic level from October 1st.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has made new measures to give landlords access to the judiciary, as 45% of private landlords own only one property and are extremely vulnerable to rent delinquency. Said it would be.

In addition, a temporary dismissal system Universal credit Both are uplifts that have been extended until the end of September.

Housing Minister Christopher Pincher said, “Covid’s restrictions will be relaxed along the roadmap from the blockade, balancing the need for landlords to access the judiciary while continuing to support tenants with longer notice periods. will do so.

“We continue to provide important financial support, such as a temporary dismissal system and an increase to Universal Credit.”

The court will continue to prioritize the most serious cases, including those involving antisocial behavior.

A new
A new “lifetime deposit” is underway

This week, the government announced that a white paper will be published in the fall, including a proposal to create a fairer private leasing sector.

This includes a proposal for a new “lifetime deposit” system to reduce the financial burden of moving.

Ben Beadle, CEO of the National Residential Landlords Association, said, “Although it has been operating in emergencies for over a year, today’s announcement from the government is an important step in ensuring a sector recovery. “.

Description of tenant rights

However, he said he needed to tackle the rent debt crisis: “Make sure the renters are kept as much as possible, intervene in the prime minister, and give the affected tenants the resulting rent. I would like to call on you to provide the financial support you need to pay off your delinquency. Pandemic. “

Cllr David Renard, Housing Spokesperson for the Municipal Association, said:

“But Congress is concerned about the potential rise that homeless households may face and the pressure this will add to homeless services that have already gone too far.”

“In most cases, it is important to have a plan to help and protect the household to stay home.”

“The government needs to introduce a Covid Rent Debt Fund to allow lessees to liquidate their debts and claim up to 80% of the income lost to their landlords,” said Alicia Kennedy, director of Generation Rent. It was.

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Ban on expulsion of court officials to be lifted next month due to end of tenant Covid support

Source link Ban on expulsion of court officials to be lifted next month due to end of tenant Covid support

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