Banned child nativity play due to facial tattoos – watched from outside window

One mother said she was barred from going to her child’s nativity play because she had tattoos on her face.

Melissa Sloane45, is addicted to getting tattoos, but says it means she’s missing out on a lot.


Melissa claims face tattoo prevented her from attending her child’s nativity playCredit: Jam Press Vid/Melissa Sloan
Mother of 7 has over 800 tattoos


Mother of 7 has over 800 tattoosCredit: Jam Press/Melissa Sloan

A mother of seven, she claims she was recently kicked out of her kids’ school and forced to watch movies. Christmas performance from the outside.

She said the teacher asked her to “look out the window of the class” instead of giving her a seat.

According to Melissa, she is completely unwanted by the school’s Christmas activities.

speak to daily starShe said she couldn’t even attend the Christmas fair.

“[My partner is] I can’t go there because I’m not wanted, so I’m going to the children’s fair tonight,” she insisted.

MelissaKidderminster, she has been inked 800 times before covering her entire body and face.

she told her before Christmas is ruined because she was banned from the pub.

Despite claiming she couldn’t go because she was ridiculed at the school run Christmas Melissa said she would never stop marking her body permanently.

claim her peeled off Melissa also has a scar from a tattoo that didn’t heal.

Melissa admits she’s too “impatient” to go ahead and put a new one in the raw space.


She claims she is not wanted at any school Christmas eventCredit: Jam Press/Melissa Sloan Banned child nativity play due to facial tattoos – watched from outside window

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