Baroness Michel Monet leaves House of Lords amid PPE contract dispute | Political News

Conservative Baroness Pierre Michel Monet leaves the House of Lords with immediate effect.

Baroness Monet is at the center of controversy about her Links to companies that have won £200 million PPE contracts.

The move comes as Sky News understands the government will not oppose a motion to compel ministers to release contract-related documents filed by the Labor Department.

PPE Medro was awarded a contract to manufacture surgical gowns and masks during surgery. COVID Pandemic after Baroness Monet flagged the company to ministers through the so-called “VIP lane” system.

She has since faced accusations of profiting from the business, but has consistently denied a “role or function” at the company, and her lawyers have previously said that she “has nothing to do with PPE Medpro.” It has nothing to do with form,” he said.

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A Baroness Monet spokesperson said, “Soon, the Baroness Monet will be taking a leave of absence from the House of Lords to clarify the name of the allegations that have been unfairly leveled against her.”

A vacation means that Baroness Monet cannot attend meetings of the House of Commons, vote on the proceedings, or claim benefits.

Sky News understands Baroness Monet still has the Conservative whip.

Labor deputy leader Angela Rayner has called for the termination of the PPE contract given to PPE Medlo, accusing Tory members of using the pandemic as an “opportunity” to “get rich”.

Describing the so-called VIP lane as a “scandal of epic proportions”, she won a £122 million contract for gowns “unusable” by the company and £700,000 a day in “taxpayer money”. said that there is currently a waste of PPE that cannot be used.

Rayner added: “This looks very dangerous. People making huge amounts of money with his unusable PPE. We need to go public now. We need to make these documents public and make them public.”

The company denies that the kit was defective.

VIP lane system A separate mailbox was set up for parliamentarians to send offers from companies, leading to criticism of the government for giving preferential treatment to companies with political contacts.

Ahead of the vote, Rainer said: Participating in cover-ups. “

Baroness Monet is currently under a standard investigation by the Commissioner of the House of Lords, and according to the parliamentary website, the investigation “leads to possible violations of the House of Lords’ Code of Conduct.” The suspicion of

A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services said: “Due diligence was conducted on all companies referred to the department and all companies underwent the same checks.

“We acted quickly to source PPE in the midst of the pandemic, competing in an overheated global market where demand vastly outstripped supply.”

They added that the department is “currently engaged in an arbitration process with PPE Medpro,” so they could not comment on details of the deal. Baroness Michel Monet leaves House of Lords amid PPE contract dispute | Political News

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