Bathroom cleaning hacks: use candles on shiny stainless steel faucets

Keep your bathroom and kitchen faucets sparkling for months with this 5 second hack. “can’t believe it”

  • Easiest way to remove stubborn water stains from appliances revealed
  • Cleaning expert Marilyn uses candle wax to polish stains

A woman shared a simple “5 second hack” to remove stubborn limescale from faucets and showerheads.

Marilyn, a cleaning expert, rubs candlelight all over her plumbing fixtures and polishes the wax with a hand towel.

This trick causes water to “bead” out of your appliances, preventing stubborn water stains and mineral build-up.

Candle wax is a non-toxic alternative for those worried about using harsh chemicals in their bathroom or kitchen sinks.

Marilyn’s Candle Wax Hack can be used on shower doors, pipes, and anywhere else that is affected by stubborn limescale.

A woman reveals a simple '5 second hack' to remove stubborn limescale from faucets and shower heads

A woman publishes a simple ‘5 second hack’ that removes stubborn limescale from all faucets and shower heads

The cleaning guru shared a video of the trick in action, revealing glorious results.

“Life Hack: Rub candle wax on the faucet. The water will bead up quickly. No more stubborn limescale! she wrote

While many appreciated her simple hack, others shared different ways to deal with pesky stubborn limescale.

“I really needed this. Thank you. I’ll do this for the entire sink,” said the woman.

“Wax paper works great too!” added another. “Please rub it in firmly.”

A third person wrote, “A microfiber towel smeared with white vinegar is great for sinks and mirrors.”

Another woman recalled, “My mother always used baby oil on the faucets in the house, and it kept them sparkling clean.”

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