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BBC Breakfast Host, Nina Warhurst’s Life-Past Soap Stars, Home Trouble, Bikini Snaps

Nina Warhurst certainly impressed BBC breakfast Viewers of the last few weeks, stepping into regular hosts including: Naga Manchetti Sally New Gent during the celebration.

But apart from her career as a news leader, Nina’s off-camera life is just as exciting as her life in the spotlight.

And even enthusiastic fans may not be aware that she actually started working in the television industry as an actress for various hit soaps, including Casualty and Heartbeat.

From her adorable husband and children to the refurbishment Nina is embarking on with her impressive new fortune, Daily Star digs deeper into the journalist’s life away from the limelight.

Sweet family

Nina married Ted in 2014

Nina met her husband Ted while in Croatia and finally tied a knot in 2014.

Ted has his own private catering business, Fed by Ted, which operates in Manchester and London and offers a variety of delicious food.

Nina regularly shares a pair of sweet snaps. This includes a pretty special date night selfie, where Nina tried to kiss her husband’s cheek while posing for the camera.

She writes with Snap: “Marry someone who will get you out of the taxi early so that the driver can avoid road construction and get to the next job.

“Marry a person who is staying up late with you drinking bourbon and listening to Johnny Cash.

Pair shares two sons

“As always, marry someone who can easily teach you about kindness and patience.”

The presenter continued: “Marry someone who loves more than one carb as you do. Marry @ fedbyted1 (unlucky-I did!)”

Nina added, “In my best place, a wonderful night with my best. My heart and belly are full of happiness.”

Nina shares her two sons with Ted. Ted regularly appears on her Instagram account as a sweet family selfie.

Dan Walker’s feud

She feuded with Dan

Nina and co-host Dan Walker were caught up in a rather nasty on-screen feud last December as Dan appeared to be jibeing about Nina’s weight.

Reporter Ben Bouros, who discussed the renewal of the Royal Mail during Christmas, told Dan and Nina in the studio:

“When I looked around the apartment, I found a small box of chocolates and lovingly wrapped it.

“I say a box of chocolates, it’s literally a box, chocolate is already consumed, but it’s Christmas, that’s an important idea, isn’t it?”

Nina replied cheeky: “Absolutely, I’ll definitely heat it up in the office on Christmas day to collect that empty box. Thank you, Ben.”

Dan terribly apologized for the swipe

As Nina asked, “What are you talking about?”, Dan replied, “Not only do you know that you don’t have chocolate, but you also lose weight!” I put it in.

Dan, who was guilty, was clearly panicked when he insisted, “No, it’s not your weight!”

He then continued to apologize to the star, adding, “Get out, get out as much as you can. It’s time for news, travel, and weather. I apologize to Nina a lot.”

Nina shared a giggle at the exchange, but she told him, “It’s too late!” I’m sorry.

Past soap star

Nina was an actress before becoming a broadcaster

Nina actually started her career as an actress and played her first role in 1997 in the form of the BBC’s medical soap Casualty.

Prior to that, she starred in various local pantomimes.

At the age of 17, she played Lisa Davis in the Golden Hour of the Christmas episode and participated in Sixth Form at her home near Manchester.

Regarding What’s On and Leisure in 1998, Nina explained: “I was very nervous at first, but the cast and crew were all very friendly and helpful.”

Now the broadcaster can laugh back at her early wardrobe blunders
The star was just 17 years old when she landed her first acting role

Nina then appeared in Heartbeat’s 1998 Valentine’s Day episode as Linda, one of three friends involved in a stalker on her way to dance.

She describes her role as follows: “It was a lot of fun. The first night I had to ride because the other two girls and I were given a hotel room together.

“I had to use Yorkshire accents for that part. One of the girls was from Halifax, so I spent a lot of time talking to her.”

Nina’s last acting role came just a year after she appeared as Clichy in the butterfly collector of the television movie.

Bikini snap

Nina rocked her swimsuit with a sweet hot tub snap

Obviously, she wanted to enjoy the end of the summer last September, but Nina couldn’t help but post a chilling cheeky snap in the hot tub with her close friend.

Nina explained that they had a “lifelong bond” because they were attending a monastery school together.

The pair could see their feet sticking out into the air while wearing a swimsuit and relaxing in the bubbles. When Nina laughed and threw her head back, both drank a cocktail together.

When she was stunned in a rainbow-colored swimsuit adorned with palm trees, the star was fully exhibiting her shoulders and collarbones.

With a snap caption, Nina posted:

“What about the humiliation of cream tights, the terrifying teacher, the freezing classroom, and the eternal guilt that is so tied to life!?

“No one wants to drink a cocktail to get out of the 8/10 hangover.”

Family worries

Nina was forced to move her family with her mother

Nina made her sixth move in just seven years and shared her distress with 11,200 Instagram followers when she moved from her Salford-based apartment to her new home with her family.

In October 2021, Nina shared an empty flat snap, explaining:

“Today I cried twice and took an angry nap on a seatless mattress. Like the trainspotting writhing scene, Ed threw a dirty cloth at me (not a cute frivolous way. .. We were discussing who was the most miserable in life) And I was caught in a traffic jam for 90 minutes so that my grandpa’s freezer pie wasn’t wasted. “

The devastated broadcaster went on to explain that the family was forced to camp at their mother’s house, explaining:

She couldn’t move to a new property

“Anyway, I’m very grateful. Like a chance to get away from work. See you at 0600-1000 on BBC 1 tomorrow.

“Let’s be nice if we can join us / lend us a caravan!”

Nina also shared some snaps of her new home shell. Nina cheerfully chalked the outline of a bar on the wall of an upcoming bathroom with a cartoon wine glass.

The star writes: “I sent me down on a refurbishment scale before I realized that there was a great space to put a corner bar in the bathroom. It’s no joke!”

The new home also has an impressive marble fireplace with a huge mirror that looks like a living room. In an instant, Nina could see her holding a bottle of champagne in her hand, posing sideways, and grinning while staring at her new home.

Nina posted: They must have missed the 2020/21 memo. “

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One from 6am

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BBC Breakfast Host, Nina Warhurst's Life-Past Soap Stars, Home Trouble, Bikini Snaps

Source link BBC Breakfast Host, Nina Warhurst's Life-Past Soap Stars, Home Trouble, Bikini Snaps

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