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BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker Mock “Incredibly Low-Tech” Olympic Medal Board Now On Air

BBC breakfast host Dan Walker We are aiming for the station’s “incredibly low-tech” Olympic medal board.

A 44-year-old presenter returned to the screen on Saturday morning to share the latest news about the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with hockey gold medalist Sam Quek.

The dynamic duo provided up-to-date information on how Team GB is performing at major sporting events.

But Dan had no choice but to make a joke about the medal board he was using in the studio to track his victory.

He took this opportunity to enjoy the BBC’s “low-tech” medal board, which he named the “Japanese easel.”

Dan Walker ridiculed BBC Breakfast’s “incredibly low-tech” Olympic medal board on Saturday morning

Former Strictly Come Dancing contestant Sam said, “Dan, increasing the number of medals today means one thing.”

“Is it time?” Dan asked, and Sam replied: Yes! “

Dan asked the studio crew, “Can you take some pictures of the Japanese easel?”

“We love the fact that our tech studios have this incredibly low-tech board,” he laughed.

Dan Walker
The presenter had no choice but to make a joke about the medal board he was using in the studio to track the win.

The television personality continued to encourage his co-stars as she headed to update the leaderboard.

“What did you get today? It’s a little Bowie,” Dan said when the music started.

“Please. There are four Dans today and we will start from yesterday in bronze.

Sam Quek
Sam Quek was at hand to provide the latest news on how Team GB is behaving at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

“It’s clear that I saw Bryony Page in the finals of the trampoline, and she brought in bronze, where a big applause arose.”

“Well done Briony!” Dan congratulated the Olympic trampoline gymnast and shouted.

“It doubles the number of Olympic medalists as she adds to the silver medal she won in Rio. Congratulations,” Sam added.

She continued. “Another bronze medal that was windsurfing we saw a while ago.

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“Emma Wilson gave her a big congratulations and a great interview she went on afterwards with a very emotional and very proud. So, a big congratulations to her.

“I’m 22 years old,” Dan commented on the athlete’s age, and Sam added, “I’m 22 years old!”

“Come to the team and scream a little more here. Come on,” Dan said, encouraging the studio’s production team to cheer him on.

Dan Walker
Dan is best known for hosting a BBC breakfast

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Moving on to Team GB’s next achievement, Sam tells viewers: “This was the first time I’ve participated in a mixed triathlon Olympics.

“Of course, Team GB won the first Olympic gold medal, so please give a big applause.”

Three Dan’s fathers shouted “Yeah!” And led the studio in support of the success of the Olympic athletes.

Sam also nominated Jessica Learmonth, Jonny Brownlee, Georgia Taylor Brownlee and Alex Yee as team members.

Dan also congratulated Kathleen Dawson, Adam Peaty, James Guy, Anahopkin, and Freya Anderson in the semi-final race of the mixed swimming medley.

Olympic breakfast will be broadcast daily on BBC One from 5am

BBC Breakfast's Dan Walker Mock "Incredibly Low-Tech" Olympic Medal Board Now On Air

Source link BBC Breakfast's Dan Walker Mock "Incredibly Low-Tech" Olympic Medal Board Now On Air

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