BBC presenter scandal: It’s Saville again on the BBC

The exclusive story comes after a young man’s mother complained to the BBC that she allegedly paid her child £35,000 over three years by one of her highly respected home facilitators. There is

The mother claims it all started when the child was 17 and is now 20.

The allegations are incredibly serious, but it took the BBC days to finally reach out to her from company officials.

Yes, the host was taken off the show on a “gardening vacation”, but that’s not the way these issues are explored.

So on Saturday I asked for the presenter to be suspended, and yesterday the BBC finally suspended him with a ticking time bomb.

BBC issued a statement, saying it was working as soon as possible “to establish the facts to properly inform appropriate action.”

The first complaint from the child’s mother was made on 19 May. So it took almost 50 days for the mother to take any action to suspend the presenter.

The child’s mother was dissatisfied with the way the BBC handled complaints, so she went to The Sun to break the exclusive.

Ask ‘very serious questions’ about BBC protection and reporting

A very serious question now needs to be asked BBCProprietary Protection and Reporting Procedures.

After receiving the complaint, did you discuss it with the Children’s Services Area Designated Officer (LADO)?

It just happened yesterday so I know it hasn’t been reported to the police. And what have they done to protect both organizations, individuals, and all-important children and young people? It seems very few, if any.

The presenter was not suspended, but was he also informed of the allegations?

Because, if so, the report that the moderator contacted the youths involved after this article was published in The Sun appears to be an attempt to have the article retracted, and is extremely disrespectful. Because you will read something that is alarming.

These 72 hours took me back to late September 2012. At that time, me and my team asked the BBC for an interview with the Director to convey the allegations that my TV show was trying to expose the iconic TV presenter. Jimmy Saville.

The BBC initially rejected us, denying our allegations and stating that no investigation was warranted.

However, in the weeks that followed, stories became as big as this one, and just before the 3rd October broadcast, the BBC made an almost 180-degree turn, taking my research and the show very seriously, and the investigation. It has started. .

What happened next was the BBC pushing its own self-destruct button, a perfect example of how not to deal with a crisis.

I have great respect for the BBC, and countless respects among my friends, colleagues, presenters, reporters and staff, but sadly once again the BBC has failed to take direct incidents to epic levels. I mishandled it.

The biggest question right now is when the names of the presenters will be announced. His name has gone viral on social media and it’s not at all difficult to figure out who it is if you read through the media articles.

Of course they were hiding. So far, I haven’t seen any media mentioning them.

This is pretty much the same situation with Rolf Harris. In fact, I was the first to name and had my information accurately.

So how will the public formally know who they are? Well, at this point, we only see this happening when individuals or their representatives issue statements or MPs take steps to name them in the House. BBC presenter scandal: It’s Saville again on the BBC

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