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BBC Star payroll will be reduced by 10% after Gary Lineker and Zoe Ball agree to reduce salary

BBC has Significantly reduce top talent salaries With Gary Lineker Zoe Ball Derived the name of the star who agreed to take the cut.

The company’s annual report, released Tuesday, shows that total salaries have fallen sharply to £ 130m, reversing the £ 1m rise last year. I I understand.

“The blockade was a challenge for everyone,” according to BBC sources, “the broadcaster reformed to ensure that license payers were worth the money,” realistic and concrete. Has made great progress.

The insider said: This isn’t an isolated number, but it’s one of a variety of other statistics that show that we’re on the right track. “

Gary Lineker earned £ 1.75m as a face last year Today’s matchAnnounced a 23% reduction as part of a new five-year contract, leading the tightening of belts.

Mr. Ball saw her salary go up After taking over Radio 2’s breakfast show in 2019, it has increased by £ 1m. She asked her boss to save £ 1.36 million in revenue.

The numbers released on Tuesday are expected to show a further reduction in the BBC’s gender pay gap, which once caused great embarrassment to bosses.

Claudia Winkleman, who earned £ 365,000 last year, has agreed to take over Graham Norton’s Saturday morning Radio 2 slot, and Emma Burnett has taken on the role of Chief of Radio 4. Women’s time..

Last year, all of the top 10 presenters on the list were white. This is the gap that the BBC has promised to address.

Breakfast host Naga Manchetti is expected to break the £ 200,000 payment barrier after taking over the morning show on Radio 5 Live.

However, the BBC numbers represent only part of the amount the top stars actually earn.

Winklemans Strictly come to dance Salaries and other BBC Entertainment and drama person salaries are excluded as they are paid by the commercial sector BBC Studios.

Graham Norton’s chat show salary is also absent because the show is run by his own production company.

The report will scrutinize what progress has been made to increase the number of people with ethnic minority backgrounds working at the BBC.

According to last year’s report, 26.5% of actors and presenters were from minorities, but only 9.8% of production staff.

A BBC source said: “The BBC publishes a report showing that we have made a difference in our people during this difficult time. While doing so, the BBC continues to reform at a pace.”

“This does not mean that the BBC is happy. We must continue to work hard to make it available to the public. That is why we invest all our efforts. I’m here.

BBC Star payroll will be reduced by 10% after Gary Lineker and Zoe Ball agree to reduce salary

Source link BBC Star payroll will be reduced by 10% after Gary Lineker and Zoe Ball agree to reduce salary

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