Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​Convertible 2021 Review

Both the coupe and the convertible are close to the same car, enough to interact at a simpler level. Even in their sportiest drive mode, they don’t bother you with a lot of weight and tactile feedback through the steering, but they’re still easy and intuitive to put on the road. And of course, they need to be fairly large cars with wide bonnets that can make it difficult to determine the margins of winding lanes and wide A-pillars that aren’t the easiest to look around.

The truth is, no matter how finely balanced it is, it can be made from a handling point of view. Cars of this size and weight can build very fast inertia, so you need plenty of space when exploring handling. .. Few roads are suitable for the exercise, no matter where you live in 2021. I also think it’s very rare for Bentley owners to go looking for them. However, the GT Speed ​​Coupe has found that it has more opportunities to engage and reward drivers during test drives than convertibles.

However, you don’t have to worry about structural weaknesses or signs of improved ride quality here. This car is still the perfect luxury car. When sitting in comfort mode, the GT Speed ​​Convertible absorbs large bumps and sharp edges very effectively, without trembling or shaking of the scuttle, and comforts the wind with the roof down and the windows up. Keep in. The rougher, more open surface allows its large rims and low profile tires to resonate only slightly through the body structure, but rarely if the suspension is set soft. In all other respects, easy fast cruising certainly comes to this car very easily – more easily, I suspect it will do so to any of its rivals.

Bentley’s W12 engine feels as powerful as expected in this 650bhp tuned state, but it’s a bit lazy and boosted in delivery, and it’s not the most attractive engine of its size. It makes a pleasant sound, but it is not a soulful sound.

The fact that the engine often needs notification to wind up the turbo when you go in and out of power is another minor disadvantage of that card. An 8-speed gearbox that occasionally refuses to offer high-speed downshifts when first asked by another person. Of course, you don’t have to prevent yourself from enjoying GT speed with a typical Bentley canter instead of a flat gallop.

Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​Convertible 2021 Review

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