Best Cordless Leaf Blowers: Powerful models of Stihl, Husqvarna, Bosch

Best Cordless Leaf Blower 2021

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Leaf blowers are a convenient tool for large-scale outdoor cleaning tasks, and cordless leaf blowers have many advantages over petrol-powered cousins. They carry fewer mechanical parts (so less mistakes), the lack of fuel depots means you have lighter tools to carry around, and above all they are pretty quiet -It’s a factor that your neighbors will surely appreciate.

Why is it worth buying a cordless blower instead of petrol?

Cordless blowers can be a bit expensive when bundled with a battery pack and charger, and the initial cost can be difficult to justify, but most manufacturers share a variety of cordless batteries that share a replaceable battery. I have the tools in my portfolio. If you own an existing tool within range, you can save a little cash just by sharing the battery and charger and buying a bare unit.

Most of the following units offer variable blow speeds, although the operating time provided by the battery can be a bit short-lived due to the need to generate a power leaf blower. What’s more, you don’t have to run your blower at maximum speed for all the work in your yard. The fewer puffs, the longer the execution time.

What should I do with waste?

In most scenarios, the best way to use a leaf blower is to enclose the leaf and twiggy waste in a protected corner of the garden or garden and hit them with a broom and bag.

Keep in mind that moving moist leaves on moist ground can be a daunting task. Therefore, schedule work on a dry day or try to support the cleanup operation with a large plastic head rake.

Needless to say, it’s crazy to have leaves blowing when the wind is strong outside, it’s like trying to keep a cat. The best strategy here is to have a cup of tea and wait for things to blow away.

We huff and puff with some of the best blowers on the market.Here are 5 top options to help you keep you park It was neat.

Cobra BV6040VZ40v Cordless Leaf Blower / Vac

Cobra BV6040VZ40v Cordless Leaf Blower / Vac

Bare Unit £ 79.99 Cobra40v Quick Charger £ 39.99 Cobra40V 4.0Ah Battery £ 124.99

This clever bit of kit from Cobra blows and sucks (in the best sense).

For leaf-blowing movements, the narrower of the two supplied barrels slots into the body, and the variable blowing force is controlled by the thumb dial on the stalk. Flip the unit 90 degrees and attach the larger barrel and clip to the bag, turning the tool into an effective outdoor vacuum cleaner.

Access to the controls is easy, the unit feels balanced during use, and in vacuum mode there is only a slight loss of usability.

The capacity of the vacuum bag isn’t that big, so using it to tackle the leafy lawn in the fall will make quite a few trips to the compost box (and how many as you roam the garden). (Expect that “bagpipe” jib) But after chopping a box hedge, or if you need to suck up a small cutout from a flowerbed or border, it’s a great place to clean up.

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Bosch ALB18 LI

Bosch ALB18 LI

£ 129.99 (including battery and charger)

The Bosch budget blower is intended for light garden use and is powered by a Li-ion 18V battery. It is compatible with Bosch’s “All Power” cordless range, which includes both garden and workshop tools.

Ultra-lightweight, agile and may not be the most powerful blower in testing, the barrel’s pursed rounded lips are ideal for reaching tight spaces and maximize blower performance. Useful for.

Don’t expect it to be used for large garden cleaning work (3.5 hours of charging only gives you 10 minutes of gust fun), but you can wash away leaf debris from delicate plants or dead leaves from your hut. There is no mistake in getting rid of.

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Mount field MBL40 li

Mount field MBL50 li

Bare Unit £ 994.0 AH Battery £ 128 Standard Charger £ 33 Quick Charger £ 78

Mount Fields has entered the cordless blower market, shining in burgundy and black, forming part of the new Freedom 500 series in 2021.

It features a large 48V battery pack that slides on the back of the unit, and the ignition is activated via an electronic touchpad above the trigger. The 650W brushless motor will take some time to spin and operate, but at full flight it will be packed with real punches to provide three speeds.

At the lowest settings, you can have fun working for hours. At maximum speed, you can expect a ferocious leaf blasting action of about 20 minutes. It’s a well-balanced and cute unit, and it’s comfortable to wear.

After use, the blower barrel can be easily removed without combat and can be stored in a hut or garage in a small space.

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Bare Unit: £ 219 with AP300 Battery and AL300 Charger: £ 551.20

The quick and quiet movement of garden debris is nothing less than this windy wonder from Stihl. It’s a beautifully balanced and lightweight tool, and we’ve found that a responsive trigger switch allows you to control speed with absolute accuracy.

Grip your finger lightly to shift from refreshing power to stormy power. Ideal for removing lush debris from gravel driveways without inadvertently hitting the car with pebbles.

The barrel of this blower can be twisted and stretched to suit your posture, and the unit can be left-handed or right-handed. With a fully charged AP300 battery, you’ll have about 20 minutes of fierce leaf blasting fun.

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Husqvarna 120 iB

Husqvarna 120iB

Shell only £ 139.99 with BLI20 and QC80 charger £ 199

Husqvarna’s smart, punchy blower is perfect for tame small and medium-sized gardens.

Control settings are accessed via a touch keypad, a design feature of garden tools that does not always receive cold fingers wrapped in muddy garden gloves, but is compliant and demanding. It turned out that it corresponds to.

The blower offers three speed settings that cover most scenarios. The low setting is gentle enough to work among delicate plants, and the top speed provides enough influence to move twigs, leaves and cutouts from the wet grass we worked on.

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Best Cordless Leaf Blowers: Powerful models of Stihl, Husqvarna, Bosch

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