Best Environmentally Friendly Sex Toys: 11 for Sustainable Sex Life

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Your summary of the best sustainable sex toys and accessories for your joy

In everyday life, most people throw away plastic bottles, reduce lean meat, and start buying clothes. Ethical clothing brand (((Hey you, Clothes rental, Sustainable swimwear And Ethical jewelry brand!! ).When it comes to beauty, you read the best Sustainable beauty brand There and in your bathroom cabinet Refillable beauty products..But when it comes to your sex life, you probably aren’t Pretty Replaced plastic options for eco-friendly sex toys. Still.

But we Really need to do it.Condom wrapper, lubricating oil PET bottles, And the little plastic-covered gadgets that give us on-demand pleasure are actually harmful to the environment because the plastic can’t be broken down. Yeah, you guessed it-your sex toys are connected to a pile of landfills and a polluted sea.

Switching from what turned out to be an important part of the bedside table to a new era of sex toys can be a significant leap forward. But as we move towards a more environmentally friendly and cleaner lifestyle, the adult toy industry and alternative eco-friendly sex toy alternatives that emit less harmful emissions to the ecosystem Producing goods.

Our top pick? The· Premium eco air toy Or Blush Novelty Gaia Eco Vibrator, Both claim to be the first in the world. Eco says it is the world’s first biodegradable and recyclable toy, and Blush is the first biodegradable vibrator. It was neat.

If you are intrigued but confused about where to find The best sex toys for women that is Also From environmentally friendly, organic and highly edible vegan lubricants to hot or cold glass dildos to nature-inspired vibrators.Look … and read our guide Tantric sex, While you are in it.

11 eco-friendly sex toys to try as soon as possible

1.1. Premium eco air toy

Price: £ 169

After a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised £ 18,000 to the organization One Tree Planted, Premium Eco, based on Womanizer’s best-selling Premium model, will be introduced, but instead a bioplastic that is both biodegradable and recyclable. Made from Biolene, a type of. There are also replaceable and rechargeable batteries. not bad.

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2.2. Brush novelty gaia eco

Price: £ 11.99

Do you buy? Claims to be the world’s first biodegradable vibrator – this baby is made from purely starch-based bioplastics (that is, plastics are made from renewable resources).If you are doing research How to make plastic free, You will know that this option is for you.

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3.3. Vegan toy glass dildo

Price: From £ 22.35

Do you buy? Hand-blown (not intended for puns) glass dildos can be heated and cooled for a thrilling new sexual adventure.


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4.4. Happy Rabbit Vibrator

Price: £ 21.99

Do you buy?This vibrator Vegan It also comes with a friendly, vegan-friendly lubricant.Make time sustainability It’s just as important as making time for your joy. Basically, this is mutually beneficial.


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5.5. Dame Aloe Lube

Price: £ 15

Do you buy? This little candy is water-based and made from aloe vera, but it goes without saying that it is plant-derived and organic and has a pH match with the vagina. In addition, it does not contain glycerin, parabens, hormones or sugars. not bad. Not bad at all.

If you are interested in sustainability, these eco-friendly sex toys should be on your radar

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Do you buy? This is a luxurious hemp-based intimate massage oil available from Superdrug. Need to say more?

So are you keen to invest in some eco-friendly sex toys?This blissful oil that promotes arousal contains CBD for ultimate satisfaction

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7. Good Clean Love Almost bare lubricant

Price: £ 14.06

Do you buy? It is an edible vegan lubricant without abuse. How nice.

Looking for beautiful love? Let's see what we did there.This lubricant from Good Clean Love is called

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8.8. Handmade Yoni Wand Rose Quartz Egg

Price: From £ 50

Do you buy? You add 3 toys to one. Rose quartz eggs are a great tool for Kegel exercises ( Jiggle ball), Stay healthy, have a better orgasm, increase libido and awaken sensuality.

No more looking for the best eco-friendly sex toys

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9.9. Woo Woo Ribbed Condom 12 Pack

Price: £ 9.99

Do you buy? Superdrug designs these vegan condoms to be ribbed for your pleasure, increasing both sensitivity and irritation.Please read the guide Best condom, While you are here. pleasant.

No more looking for the best eco-friendly sex toys: these woo condoms do no harm to the earth or the environment

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10.10. Leaf + Vitality Vibrator

Price: £ 98

Do you buy? An environmentally friendly vibrator with naturally inspired mold. In a nutshell: cute.

Environmentally friendly sex toys take all shapes and sizes, but this Leaf + Vitality Vibrator also takes a naturally inspired shape.

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11.11. Doxy die cast

Price: £ 89.99

Do you buy? The aluminum and titanium body of the Magic One Vibrator has a low environmental risk in terms of toxicity.

Did you know that there are environmentally friendly sex toys? Well, you're doing now, and we can't fully recommend buying this love honey.The aluminum / titanium body of the Wand Vibrator has a low environmental risk in terms of toxicity

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Best Environmentally Friendly Sex Toys: 11 for Sustainable Sex Life

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