Best Road Test Ever: Alfa Romeo Brera

Tested 5.7.06

Is built on a shortened version of 159Brera, the platform for, seemed disagreeable, but definitely Alpha. The power came not from the brand’s legendary and tuned V6, but from the less featured GM unit, despite having Alpha-specific heads, pistons, induction and exhaust systems. The variable four-wheel drive system was rear-biased by default. At 1765kg, Brera was heavier than some Jaguar XJs, this limited performance to hot hatch areas and dented economies.

Ride quality in the city was volatile, but improved on difficult roads, providing modest comfort and excellent body control. Four-wheel drive suppresses understeer with a wet but eliminated tail slide. Steering was fast and braking was effective when it was easy to fade.

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The tall front seat occupants struggled due to the headroom, and the rear was dedicated to children. Inside, there were a lot of Alpha Brio with a handsome design and elegant materials.Brera’s premium Nissan 350ZGT And that Audi TT 3.2.

for: Presence, laid-back V6, solid build quality

Against: Heavy, thirsty, non-glittering handling

price: £ 29,850 engine: V6, 3195cc, gasoline Power: 256bhp at 6300rpm torque: 237lbft at 4500rpm 0-60mph: 7.0 seconds 0-100mph: 18.8 seconds Standing Quarter: 15.6 seconds, 91.8 mph maximum speed: 144mph Economy: 18.6mpg

Best Road Test Ever: Alfa Romeo Brera

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