Best Road Test Ever: Citroen C5

Tested 28.3.01

PSA’s new platform 3 (later Peugeot 407), the clean, crisp details of the C5 couldn’t hide the nasty view of the classic 3-box profile.Latest iteration of CitroenThe hydraulic suspension works through a sphere filled with six fluids, boasting increased computing power.

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Despite its lack of appeal, the budget-friendly 16-valve petrol engine provided reasonable performance through five well-selected ratios in a sophisticated manual gearbox. It cruised quietly and the brakes were sensitive but effective.

With hydro-pneumatic suspension tailored to speed, driving style and road surface, you can raise your vehicle height by up to 53mm.

It helped create a breathtaking ride, but numb steering meant that the dynamic experience was more enjoyable for passengers than for drivers.

The C5 had a decent rear leg room and huge boots. The driver comfort was great and the interior was a top drawer. The entry-level kit included a rain-sensitive wiper, six airbags, an automatic lock, and an air conditioner.

for Equipment, big boots, good seats, gear changes Against Numb steering and braking, suspicious styling

price £ 14,580 engine 4-cylinder single row, 1749cc, gasoline Power 117bhp at 5500rpm torque 120lbft at 4000rpm 0-60mph 11.4 seconds 0-100mph 38.0 seconds Standing quarter 18.3 seconds, 76mph maximum speed 119mph Economy 28.1mpg

What happened next … The 2004 refurbishment introduced new gizmos such as a 110bhp 1.6-liter diesel, more internal space, and an optional lane departure warning. Mk2 C5 In 2008, I replaced the hatch with a saloon along with the estate version. Minor renovations in 2011 and 2012 failed to ignite sales and were withdrawn from sales in the UK in 2016. The name returned to Europe in 2018. C5 air cloth SUV.

Best Road Test Ever: Citroen C5

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