Billie Eilish is working on the rigorous scrutiny she faces online

Billie Eilish wonders why she continues to be criticized online, despite “trying hard for the world and for the people.”

The acclaimed 19-year-old Grammy winner, who released his second album, Happier Than Ever, this week has been under close scrutiny by fans and some media since it gained fame three years ago. I did.

She discusses her whirlwind success story with DJ Clara Amfo on Radio 1 in the BBC One documentary “Up Close.” The documentary will be filmed in Irish’s hometown of Los Angeles and air on Saturday at 10:30 pm.

Clara Amfo (Ian West, PA)

In an interview, Irish said: They never tell you it in real life.

“If people keep saying you’re wrong, what’s the point of trying to do good?

“I am working hard to do good for the world and for the people.

“It’s like you can try to do everything right, and it’s like one of the people who publishes a celebrity account goes,” Billie Eilish is against anything in the world. But I’m getting a backlash. “

“Tell me how it works”

Eirish apologized last month after a video of an anti-Asian slur featured in Tyler, the Creator’s 2011 song “Fish.”

Radio 1 Special also covers the important role that Irish’s mother, actress Maggie Baird, played in protecting her from the pressure of fame.

“You can only do that in this world,” she said.

“I don’t know how they do it, so I can’t believe there are people in my position without that protection. I really don’t.

“Especially young artists, especially young women … I mean, there are no mothers or safety nets around you. In that sense, I’m very honored.

“There was someone who believed in me.”

Irish released the acclaimed debut album “Whoen We All Fall Down, Where Are You Going?” With his brother FINNEAS in 2019.

The album has won numerous awards, including the 2020 Album of the Year Grammy Awards, and 18-year-old Irish as the youngest solo artist.

The singer-songwriter talked about how she and her siblings began to work secretly on follow-up Happier Than Ever.

She states: “I didn’t even have to make an album yet.

“We started making this album ourselves indefinitely, without telling anyone. We were like’shhh’.

“I’m very good at writing and very good at singing. I feel very good. I feel very grown up. I don’t know. It was a very good process.”

Billie Eilish: Up Close will come with Radio 1 Live Lounge: Billie Eilish Special on Saturday, July 31st at 11:15 pm on the Radio 1 iPlayer channel.

Billie Eilish is working on the rigorous scrutiny she faces online

Source link Billie Eilish is working on the rigorous scrutiny she faces online

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