Billie Piper: Therapy helped me

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Billie Piper

Billie Piper says the treatment helped her overcome the challenges of her life.

The actress, 38, said she wasn’t open about it in the past “because of my upbringing.”

“There was a common kind of ridicule in unpacking your problem, especially if you were successful, it’s this kind of” why do you need treatment? “, She said.

But she tells the Guardian: “Now I’m a really annoying person who suggests treatments to everyone.”

The former singer also said he had achieved professional success at such a young age, saying:

“There were also some great things that came out from that moment in my life. It set me up really well now.

“But it doesn’t feel comfortable to show to my children as an experience,” said the three mothers.

And Piper, who wrote and directed the movie Rare Beast, which she also starred in, told the newspaper: I know how much it costs to be a woman. “

Billie Piper: Therapy helped me

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