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Billionaire moans claim that there is not enough mooring to park her superyacht

NS billionaire I have a strange complaint that there is not enough space to park her superyacht.

Gina Rinehart, 67, was involved in a controversy after seeking access to additional mooring facilities in Brisbane, Australia.

According to the Australian Financial Review, Linehart is Australia’s wealthiest person with a personal wealth of £ 16 billion.

But apparently having a lot of cash to burn has its own problems, such as a “sleepless night” at sea or the marina isn’t big enough to accommodate your huge ship. Bring.

The mining king of Perth complained her strangely at the Olympic Planning Commission. As a “flashy lunch”.

2032 Brisbane discussions underway Olympic competition, Rinehart suggested that something should be done before the VIP arrives in the water.

Rinehart argued that mooring was more suitable for large vessels

Linehart, who spoke from her yacht in a video message to the meeting, said:

“Then, when we arrived at the shore, after two very rough sleepless nights and a rough day, when we weren’t feeling so good, many yachts were out of the marina, given the lack of a marina. I was there. “

She explained the importance of being able to facilitate deep-pocket yacht owners and their wealthy guests, LadBible Report.

Rinehart continues. “And don’t forget the superyachts you might want to visit from abroad. Bring passengers who want to spend time in Australia.

“These superyachts also need a marina. Sadly, there is a shortage of vessels over 50 meters.

“It’s time to add a marina large enough to accommodate not only small and medium-sized yachts, but also large yachts.”

The 67-year-old father died in 1992 after establishing Hancock Prospecting, a privately owned mineral exploration and mining company, and gained an astonishing fortune.

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Her request for mooring a new superyacht is the latest in Rinehart’s eyebrows history of alienating comments.

She once said, “If you’re jealous of someone who has more money, don’t just sit there and complain, do something to make more money yourself.”

In 2012, Rinehart surprised thousands of people with her encouraging speech. Australian miners accept reducing pay slips to just $ 2 (£ 1) To be able to compete with the African mining industry.

Billionaire moans claim that there is not enough mooring to park her superyacht

Source link Billionaire moans claim that there is not enough mooring to park her superyacht

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