Black and South Asian Covid mortality is “higher than white” in the vaccine gap

The proportion of black is high, Asian Despite the higher number of cases in the latter group, the study warns that people die more from the coronavirus than whites.

Mortality The black and Asian groups are higher than the whites, which is “almost certainly” due to the difference in vaccination. government Covid-19 and the ethnicity adviser said.

The death toll is lower than in the first and second waves after the deployment of the vaccination program.

However, the gap remains due to the vaccination rate gap, and experts are asking people to get the first, second and third jabs as soon as possible.

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Dr. Raghib Ali, an independent government adviser on Covid-19 and ethnicity, said the previous trend of “almost everything” was reversed in the third wave.

Infection rates are now highest in Caucasians, rising between the second and third waves, occurring in previously less affected areas such as the southwest, the least disadvantaged, and the least densely populated areas. increase.

He told the media briefing: “This almost certainly reflects overall immunity, especially based on natural infections. London For example, not only is the vaccination rate the lowest at the moment, but the infection rate is also the lowest. This may actually be due only to differences in innate immunity.

“Unfortunately, this third wave has the problem that South Asians and blacks have lower infection rates, but their hospitalization and mortality rates are higher than whites.

“And this almost certainly reflects the difference in vaccination rates.”

Vaccination rates remain the highest in whites and lowest in the black group, with older African-American and Pakistani blacks having the largest increase in vaccination rates in the six months to October. He added that he saw it.

Dr. Ali said there have been “significant improvements” in uptake among certain groups over the past few months, but “the gap is still there.”

“Unfortunately, unless that changes, even if this third wave of infection rates declines, there may still be an imbalanced risk, especially for blacks as well as South Asians.”

The final report on Covid-19 inequality, produced by the Racial Disparity Unit with Dr. Ali of the Cabinet Office, outlines the major risk factors for ethnic minority groups.

These include professions of frontline workers, especially household sizes, including school children and older relatives, and living in densely populated areas with higher levels of deprivation.

Once infected, factors such as old age, men, disability and existing health may increase the risk of death.

The government said it would use the findings to provide targeted guidance and advice on how to reduce the risk of infection.

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For example, the Bangladesh and Pakistani groups have been found to be at high risk of dying from Covid, so we have issued guidance on measures to prevent domestic transmission in the second wave and protect taxi drivers.

It said that while a higher percentage of people in these groups live in multi-generational households, more than half of taxi drivers come from ethnic minorities.

There are also many initiatives to increase vaccine credibility and address false information by working with faith and community leaders to make vaccines available through pop-up clinics and worship centers and to hold briefings. ..

Minister of Equality Chemi Badenoch He said the understanding of how different groups are affected by the virus has “changed” since the outbreak began.

She states: “We now know that factors such as the work someone does, where they live, and the number of people they live with affect their susceptibility to the virus. People at high risk should be vaccinated with booster vaccines. Is essential. “

A significant risk factor was that most students lived in the second wave of multi-generational households, where the school opened during the blockade, compared to the first wave, which was not attending school.

Dr. Ali says there is no “easy answer” because keeping children home from school impairs their mental and physical health and education, and most grandparents suffer from grandchildren. He added that he did not want it.

He said there is a need for better education on how people in such families can best protect themselves.

Among the recommendations of the report are warnings to public health communication to avoid “blaming” ethnic minorities by selecting them and to improve the quality of healthy ethnic data.

All recommendations in the report have been accepted by the government.

Black and South Asian Covid mortality is “higher than white” in the vaccine gap

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