Black Friday: How Readers’ Shopping Changed from Frenzy to Frustration | Black Friday

NSAndre. Acne stickers that I vowed never to buy (the second chance is great). If history repeats, supplements and vitamins that expire before I take them. Probably Alibaba’s “Made in Japan” plate made in China. A playsuit with lemons, a Clinique gift pack, and one of the mermaid hairbrushes hoping to look like a girl who fuels Instagram’s anxiety, not a mad scientist.

These are just a few of the purchases I’ve made in the last few days, thanks to the flood of Black friday Sales materials that creep into every aspect of my life. Am I in favor of hype? Especially given Choice’s recent revelation that Black Friday sales are not always more epic than other less publicized consumer events throughout the year, you bet.

“It’s sold all year round, so you don’t have to feel the pressure to buy for a Black Friday sale,” said a Choice spokeswoman.

Choice monitored marketing emails from 16 retailers for the six months from May to October 2021.

“Of the approximately 2,500 emails we looked at, 81% mentioned sales or other discounts, and offers ranged from 5% to 96%,” a spokeswoman said. ..

Still, as these readers can prove, you need to live under a rock to avoid the Black Friday frenzy. Here, shoppers are sharing some of the purchases they already regret.

Seamus, Darlinghurst

“I bought at least three oversized beanies from Glue just because they sold for $ 20. I was wondering how my head would fit when I looked at it now. I don’t want to give it back, so I’m just sitting inside the house. My partner got a blue lipstick just because she ran out of the red shade she wanted. I don’t know which of us fainted. Maybe both? “

Nuts, Burwood

“I got a free gift, so I bought $ 250 worth of active wear from STAX. Their collection is very flattering and the colors are great – lilac and forest green – but I don’t. , I haven’t returned to the gym since February. I’m doing marketing and it was just marketed. [to].. “

Photo: Alberto Jose Moreno Jurad / Getty Images

Josephine, Green Acres

“I bought $ 100 worth of tubs and organizing supplies to organize my house. They’re all on the dining table, but they’re no longer available. So more to accommodate new purchases. Today I’m trying to convince my husband to take me to Ikea so I can buy (and assemble) storage. ”

James, Boral

“I got a toy garbage truck from my son. I was a little embarrassed because my sister got a toy garbage truck last Christmas. One day, when he got tired, my wife told Vinnie. Now he wants again, and that wouldn’t be what we had, and I’m a cluttered maniac wife, my son who is a toy-loving child, and What happened to what she got during my sister doing so? Consumerism at this time of the year is the worst and I hate to participate in it. “

Laura, Blue Mountain

“I bought a swimsuit from Andie Swim because I love swimwear. It doesn’t make any sense because it never gets into water colder than 30 degrees Celsius. Apparently it’s going to be a cool and rainy summer. Cute and down $ 150 to $ 50! I didn’t need this in shape or shape as I have at least 20 other swimsuits, but recently diagnosed with ADHD and my constant shopping Turned out to be part of the disorder. – It’s a constant quest for dopamine and stimulation in my brain! ”

Benji, Darwin

“I impulse bought a solar panel USB charger with an alligator clip and jump-started my car for $ 150. I was doing a lot of outdoors at the time and it was muddy a few weeks ago. So I talked about it myself. The jump start feature really sold the NEED part to my brain. I’ve thought about reselling it, but it’s a bit silly not to use it, but junk from there I canceled my account because I realized I had purchased. “

Tami, West Pennant Hills

“Cats can eat and get sick, but I got biopellets to help the plants grow. I really want lush plants, and I’set the fertilizer. I liked the idea of ​​”forget”. I thought it looked great, it’s for sale, it’s a small business – add it to your cart! I might have been able to get something cheaper from the Bunnings Warehouse, but I like the branding of the company. It was very beautiful. I would have gotten it all. ”

Donna, Geringon

“I bought a lot of soap from L’Occitane, but I didn’t really need it. I was just caught up in the Black Friday frenzy. My partner said our house was so full. So we should never buy another. So I think it’s good that I didn’t buy a new Dyson because the Dyson we have is totally great. I wanted something new! “

Black Friday: How Readers’ Shopping Changed from Frenzy to Frustration | Black Friday

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