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Here is a batch of fresh news and announcements from the entire Imperial.

From an analysis of the benefits of intensive blood pressure control in older patients to new ways to treat cancer with immunotherapy, here are some brief news from the entire university.

Blood pressure treatment analysis

Men use the device to test their blood pressure. Studies have shown that intensive blood pressure control has clinical benefits in elderly hypertensive patients, but there are also influential harms associated with such treatments, such as fainting and falls.

Analysis of 6 large randomized controlled trials by researchers, including Imperial Dr. Victoria CorneliusShows that intensive blood pressure treatment may help older people (> 60 years) with a long life expectancy (> 3 years), but for those who are not expected to live less than a year. It may not be suitable.

The results can be used by clinicians to better determine the individual benefit of a patient against the potential risks of such treatment.

Dr. Cornelius, Senior Author of Imperial Studies Clinical trial unit, Says: “This important study helps answer the question of whether to prescribe intensive blood pressure control for the elderly.

“Patients with a life expectancy of less than one year have limited opportunities to enjoy clinical benefits.”

Read more about research JAMA Internal Medicine..

Zirconium for electrodes

Figure from zirconium study.Resistive random access memory (ReRAM) is a data storage system that can read, write, and hold data without an external power source by changing the resistance state. Niloufar Raeis-Hosseini of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering We considered using zirconium (Zr) for next-generation non-volatile nanoelectronics such as ReRAM. Inspired by natural memory, they used a pulse scheme to emulate some basic functions of the human brain in the form of artificial synapses. The study was conducted in collaboration with Iria Barov. Jülich Research Center In German.

This work has immediate technical implications, as the researcher’s method can be used for many other functional nanoelectronic devices such as energy transformation / storage devices, sensors, and memristors applied to neuromorphic computing. May be given.

Read more about research RSC Advance..

Masked immunotherapy

Illustration showing the green smoke behind the surgical mask.A protein called interleukin is used as part of immunotherapy to treat certain cancers, but immunotherapy can cause serious side effects due to the way it interacts with the immune Dr. Atsushi Ishihara so Department of Biological Engineering His team used protein engineering to “mask” interleukins so they could be “hidden” from the mouse’s immune system. These masks can be removed once the tumor is reached.

They found that this treatment achieved eradication of some mouse cancers without detectable side effects and that a protein engineering approach could help advance cancer immunotherapy if translated into a clinic. discovered.

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Blood Pressure Control and Mask Immunotherapy: University News | Imperial News

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