BMA accuses government of “fault” as Javid refuses to move to “Plan B” as incidents increase

BMA Chair Dr. Chaand Nagpaul said the government “broke off” and the pandemic “ours” despite the “unacceptable infection rate” that reflected what was seen in March when the country was blocked. He accused him of giving the impression that he was behind. ..

Dr. Nagpol’s comment comes after Health Minister Sajid Javid has stated that he will postpone the implementation of the “Plan B” strategy to address the increasing cases of coronavirus.

Javid, who urged people to move the COVID-19 vaccination forward, said pressure on the NHS was not yet sustainable-a claim rejected by medical professionals and the BMA. He also announced that the government has agreed to trade two new antiviral treatments that can be used to treat COVID-19 infections.

Elevating COVID infection

A total of 49,139 new COVID-19 cases were recorded on October 20, with more than 40,000 cases recorded in the last 8 days. 179 deaths were recorded on October 20, and hospitalizations are approaching 1,000 per day.

In response to the speeches of the Minister of Health and the Secretary of Social Welfare, Dr. Nagpol urged the government to act swiftly to save lives and protect the NHS service. He said: “It is the government’s willful negligence to take no further action to reduce the spread of the infection.

“New treatments are always welcome, but the government itself says it will not be available to patients until at least the end of the year, but urgent action is now needed to stop the scale of distress and the real risk of overwhelming the NHS. is.

“It’s important for the government to do everything to make it as simple and easy as possible to receive boosters and even the first and second jabs, especially in low intake groups. But 100% effective. Given the lack of vaccines, relying solely on vaccination programs without other means is not sufficient to prevent increased infection rates, illness and death.

NHS “very busy”

Dr. Nawar added: This is the time to learn the lessons of the past and act quickly. Otherwise, you will face much more extreme measures later. “

Dr. Jenny Harries, Chief Executive Officer of the UK Health Services Agency, told the conference that the NHS has begun winter with “very high levels” of coronavirus cases, with R rates currently between 0.9 and 1.1. It was revealed that it was somewhere in between.

Dr. Stephen Pawis, director of the National Health Service at NHS England, also admitted that the NHS endured a “very harsh summer” and felt the service was “very busy.” However, the Minister of Health and the Secretary of Social Welfare argued that the current pressure on the NHS was not unsustainable and was not overwhelmed by services. However, many medical professionals and professionals objected on Twitter.

Earlier this month, BMA warned: The feasibility of general practice this winter is questionable This is because most of the government’s “support package” measures do not provide real help to the practice team.

is more than Nine out of ten GPs said government access plans were “unacceptable” Responding to the current crisis facing general practice, with BMA leaders preparing for an emergency meeting within a few days.

BMA accuses government of “fault” as Javid refuses to move to “Plan B” as incidents increase

Source link BMA accuses government of “fault” as Javid refuses to move to “Plan B” as incidents increase

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