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Science meets health at Body Lab London’s High St. Kensington. Here you can train, recover and optimize your health all under one roof. This space is designed to open to the public the training and recovery treatments used by elite athletes and cover all aspects of health through innovative treatments, nutritional support, 3D body scans and biomarker analysis. After all, it’s called a body lab and I’m not really playing with science.

Not only does it boast a world-class gym with equipment such as Atlantis Strength, Watson, Ereiko and Kaiser, as well as a red light training room, the Body Lab is packed with high-tech and professional kits. There is the first high voltage Hydroxy AirPod in the UK. This increases the absorption of oxygen into the body and speeds up the healing process. Europe’s coldest whole body cryotherapy dual chamber. At -110 degrees Celsius, it is used to reduce inflammation and promote circulation. Float tank. By removing sensory stimuli, it relieves stress on the body and saves energy. Infrared saunas that use light waves to penetrate deep into the body provide better detoxification and metabolic stimulation than traditional saunas.

The Body Lab also has Estopas, Physio, Chiropractors, and Massage Therapists on-site, where you can get a variety of supplements and protein shakes. Even the lighting is designed to perfectly optimize the experience, mimicking the body’s natural circadian rhythm.

Access to all of this is not cheap. Membership packages start at £ 5,000 a year and go up to £ 18,000, so only those who are crazy about ballers and fitness are available. However, if you need one place that is harmful to your health, this will work.

151-153 Kensington High Street, London, W8 6SU

Body Lab London | Lifestyle

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