Body Shop Skin Defense Multi-Protection Light Essence Facial SPF is back

Despite knowing we should wear Sunscreen It can be difficult to find a motive to do so on our face every day.Not because it’s our extra step skin care Routine or because we want SunburnBut that’s exactly what the traditional formula is … blergh..

They are sticky, greasy, sticky, leave Skin that looks embarrassed And in some cases, it irritates the skin, resulting in Redness, Breakout And inflammation.Yes, if you are not fully boarding every day SPF Train, we get it. But trust us when we say that such facial SPF prescriptions are a thing of the past. Today, not only are there many products that meet a variety of needs, but overall, facial SPF is surprisingly wearable.

That said, creating a perfectly perfect facial SPF is not easy.Difficult to formulate, requires rigorous testing, and by its very nature is sticky and unpleasant compared to lightweight Skin care serum We are used to applying. So it makes sense that when a new facial SPF that feels like really lightweight skin care comes out, it will get some hype.And that’s exactly what happened at that time Body shop It was started Skin Defense Essence years ago.

It is completely weightless and has impressive protection. Body Shop Skin Defense Essence It gained fame thanks to its invisible, completely traceless finish. Experienced mass sold out, Skin care enthusiast We are desperately trying to hunt down the tube to experience the wonders ourselves. But then, without warning, it disappeared from the shelf.

Last year, the brand launched a product Skin Defense Multi-Protection Lotion SPF50 + PA ++++..It came with a higher level of sunscreen (for both UVA and UVB rays), it had Antioxidant Benefits thanks to being included Vitamin C Contains marula oil to nourish and shine the skin. And yes, it’s a great product, especially for people with dry skin types. The problem was that it didn’t have the traceless finish that the previous essence had. It does leave the skin moisturized and radiant, Moisturizer To do.

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Those who loved the previous invisible results left a longing for the previous essence, and if you ask us, the SPFs on the market since then will achieve the same lightweight second skin finish. I couldn’t.

But now that it’s finally back, listen to The Body Shop Stan.As of today you can get Body Shop Skin Defense Multi-Protection Light Essence SPF50 PA +++, £ 22 Go back to your face. Moisturizes the skin without leaving a cast or film. Sure, the protection is slightly less than what lotions offer, but note that SPF 50 and PA +++ are still considered to be fairly high protection compared to other heaps on the market. Please give me.

Other products out there leave a non-greasy film on the skin, but this one number movies. It is applied as a kind of very lightweight lotion and disappears nothing.Just pop it into the first one as the last step in your morning Skin care routine Be sure to replenish all day long. If you’re not wearing makeup, don’t be afraid to build up greasy things, just layer another layer.If you are wearing makeup, it may still be better to choose SPF mist If you don’t want to interfere with convenient work.

Trust us when we say this is probably the fastest absorbed and lightweight facial sunscreen.It’s available now Body shop For £ 22, you can save money by shopping with these Body shop discount code.. Run and don’t walk.

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Body Shop Skin Defense Multi-Protection Light Essence Facial SPF is back

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