Boeing delivered 22 jets in August, and the 737 MAX’s “white tail” has almost disappeared by Reuters.

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Seattle / Paris (Reuters)-Boeing delivered 22 planes in August as domestic travel revived, despite program breaks hampered by industrial flaws and suspension of deliveries7 Won an order for the 787 of the plane.

Monthly snapshot of Boeing (NYSE :) trying to recoup its multi-billion dollar sales loss from a coronavirus pandemic and overcoming a safety scandal caused by two deadly 737 MAX crashes Is carefully watched over.

Of the 22 jet airliners delivered last month, 14 were 737 MAX airliners and two were P-8 maritime patrol aircraft.

The remaining six jets were wide-body aircraft, including three KC-46 tankers for the US Air Force.

Over the past year, Boeing has delivered 206 aircraft.

European rival Airbus delivered 40 jets in August, reaching 384 from the beginning of the year.

Boeing has delivered 169 best-selling 737 MAX jets by August since the aircraft went into service in late 2020, after almost two years of safety bans.

Importantly, Boeing has virtually eliminated the stockpile of up to 200 unwanted jets known in the industry as the “white tail” left by the MAX crisis, according to industry sources.

However, it is addressing a structural flaw in the larger 787, which reduces production and suspends delivery.

Nonetheless, Boeing was optimistic on Tuesday due to high industry forecasts and a recovery in the domestic market, but overseas travel remains depressed and coronavirus variants are potentially new. Bring risks.

Boeing said it received orders for 53 aircraft in August, including 35 MAX and 18 wide-body aircraft.

These include 11,777 freighters. One for FedEx Corp (NYSE :) and ten more from one or more buyers Boeing refused to identify.

The total number of orders in August after cancellation and conversion was 23.

This will result in more than Airbus’ net total of 132 orders for the past year and 683 or 280 after cancellation.

Indian transactions

Boeing wins orders for about 70-100737 MAX jets from Akasa, India, a budget startup founded by billionaire Rakesh Jhunjungwara, while awaiting individual consultations on long-term engine service contracts, according to industry sources. I’m about to do it.

However, as demand for new airliners grows in Europe, there continues to be controversy with one of Ireland’s low-cost carriers, Ryanair, about pricing potential orders for up to 250 MAX jets.

Ryanair said it was not ready to succumb to Boeing’s pricing demands amid uncertainty about the COVID-19 trend and the suspension of negotiations last week.

According to market sources, Boeing gained confidence in the price after securing orders from United Airlines and others, and after finding all but 20 “whitetail” homes.

European sources have accused Boeing of aggressively lowering prices to win the deal, but denies it.

When asked about the supply of MAX jets on Tuesday, Flair Airlines CEO Stephen Jones told Reuters in Montreal, “I think it’s pretty tight.” The airline secured the MAX Jet in March at what he called “great price”.

Boeing delivered 22 jets in August, and the 737 MAX’s “white tail” has almost disappeared by Reuters.

Source link Boeing delivered 22 jets in August, and the 737 MAX’s “white tail” has almost disappeared by Reuters.

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