Bomb cyclone wreaks havoc, snow and ‘life-threatening’ floods hit today

BRITS prepares for snow and life-threatening floods in today’s stormy weather.

It occurs as a bomb cyclone that is wreaking havoc in North America is heading towards Britain.


Strong winds and heavy rains in Wales have flooded the beachCredit: LNP
A weather warning has been issued for the whole of the UK today


A weather warning has been issued for the whole of the UK todayCredit: MET Office


People rampage under umbrellas in Bournemouth as strong winds and rain hit the coastCredit: BNPS


Cambridgeshire floods this weekCredit: Bav Media


Cyclone in North America sets UK in uncertain timesCredit: Twitter – Met Office

A deadly storm in the United States left thousands without power. temperature plunge to dangerous levels.

The Bureau of Meteorology is now issuing a severe yellow warning for rain. freezing weather bomb Head to us.

Heavy rains are ‘life-threatening’ to much of Scotland and parts of northern England today.

A yellow warning for snow and ice has also been issued.

The warning was issued at 3am and was expected to last until noon.

“Fast-flowing or deep flooding is possible and can be life-threatening,” the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

“The rain will continue to fall heavily overnight through Friday morning.

“A buildup of 40-50mm is expected fairly widely, with 60-70mm possible at some high altitudes.

“Rivers and surface waters are likely to flood following recent wet weather.”

Heavy rains and high winds will affect most of the country through Saturday, so New Year’s celebrations could be washed away.

People are being asked to prepare flood plans to reduce the impact on their homes.

The Bureau of Meteorology also recommends having a flood kit, which includes items such as a first aid kit, torch, waterproof clothing, and a bottle of water.

If you live in an area at risk of flooding, you can sign up for flood warnings Here.

southern regions including London When Brighton The day will be mostly sunny with occasional showers and a high of 13°C.

Meteorologist Simon Partridge said that rainy and windy weather bomb cyclone in the United States.

He said: “Weather in the UK will continue to be volatile with more rain and windy weather due to enhanced jet streams from US weather.

He said the impact on Britain would not be as important as the impact on the United States.

“The impact on the UK is less dramatic as that system has brought more cold air further south across the US,” he added.

He said the ripple effect for the UK would be a spell of rainy and windy weather over the next seven to ten days.

travel confusion

The weather can put a damper on the partygoers you want to see in the New Year.

While RMT strike over Christmas With it ending on Boxing Day, travelers have been warned that services will remain “substantially disrupted” into the new year.

Severe deluges are expected to disrupt travel as roads are flooded and train and bus services may be disrupted.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said the delay and some training cancellation and the possibility of bus services. Bomb cyclone wreaks havoc, snow and ‘life-threatening’ floods hit today

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