Boom Battle Bar’s Opening and the Enduring Success of Old-School Activities

Whether we are staying in or going out, there is no denying that we have a host of entertainment options to choose from these days.

We can play games across many devices, while films and TV shows are available at the touch of a button. In addition, new nightlife locations and other hotspots are also emerging and offering fresh experiences.

However, while there are so many new possibilities, it is interesting to note that a few classic pastimes are continuing to attract plenty of attention–with some also finding new ways to remain relevant in the modern age.

Gaming classics

This trend can particularly be seen in the gaming world. Some famous names from the past are continuing to make a splash in many ways, with a good example being the board game classic Monopoly.

Many versions of the game have been released through the years, while it has also been adapted into video gaming thanks to the likes of Monopoly Madness. outlines how the title is an arena game, where players have to collect resources and undertake a range of other activities in “the race for riches”.

Classic games have also been given a fresh twist in the online casino world in recent years. For instance, William Hill features a number of versions of online roulette, including Mayfair Roulette, Penny Roulette and European Roulette. The site also has a themed version of the game called Age of the Gods: Bonus Roulette. Created by Playtech, the game gives players the chance to win a progressive jackpot.

New nightspot

Against this backdrop, it is probably not a surprise to see some classic gaming activities take centre stage in one of London’s newest nightspots.

Last month, the O2 website revealed how the largest Boom Battle Bar in the UK has now opened. While it offers street food and drinks, the venue also features a range of old-school activities for visitors to enjoy–including one with a modern twist. Augmented reality darts is on offer, as well as axe throwing and shuffleboard. The site added that there is ‘Crazier Golf’ and even karaoke booths.

While the launch of the site highlights how old-school games like shuffleboard and darts are still going strong, it also builds on trends seen elsewhere. For instance, we have previously reported on locations like the Roxy Ballroom in Leeds. That venue includes shuffleboard, as well as duckpin bowling lanes and table tennis. Axe throwing is also available in other parts of London, with the Whistle Punks website outlining how it has a location in Vauxhall.

Continuing to thrive

It is interesting to note how old-school activities are continuing to play a role in the modern world. Classic games and other pastimes are finding a new audience in the digital realm and offline, and they are becoming a key part of pop culture in the process.

Boom Battle Bar certainly looks like an intriguing proposition and it will be fascinating to see how these trends continue in the months and years ahead.

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