Boris Johnson has proposed Brexit that the EU can only reject

Boris Johnson Government I have a new suggestion For post-Brexit trade with Northern Ireland.The· Message to the EU Clear enough. The Prime Minister does not intend to respect the solemn promises made in the Irish Protocol.

Not long ago, he described the deal with Brussels as “great.” Now he is disowning it. A signal to other parts of the world? The UK signature on international treaties is of little value.

For clarity, There can be no magical solution A raging debate between London and Brussels about the operation of a new trade agreement between Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

A prerequisite for the Brexit Agreement was to maintain the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic at the heart of the 1998 Belfast Peace Agreement. The EU’s legitimate interest was to maintain the integrity of the Single Market by preventing Northern Ireland from becoming a backdoor for illegal transactions. Johnson’s claim that Britain has left the single market and the customs union has ruled out the possibility of a decent answer.

The Protocol agreement to crack down on trade between Britain and Northern Ireland via the de facto border of the Irish Sea was the last remaining option. Johnson realized the implications when he signed, even though he refused to publicly acknowledge it. Now that the Protocol is under attack by the Democratic Unionist Party and the hardline Tories Brexitters, he wants to “do it all,” according to Whitehall insiders.

Strategy — if it is the correct word for a decision to agree to the terms of an international treaty — do nothing. The government rejected Brussels’ proposal to eliminate the need for most regulations by aligning UK food and veterinary standards with EU standards. Instead, it refuses to carry out the agreed border check and simply stalls.

More than that, the UK I also suggest tearing Regulations that give a role to EU institutions that monitor trade across the Irish Sea. These were negotiated by the current Minister of Brexit, Sir David Frost. The same frost this week declared them an insult to British sovereignty.

The official request is to “suspend” the operation of the Protocol while both sides are preparing for new negotiations. I haven’t come across anyone in Whitehall who believes the EU can accept or accept the new terms.

But the calculation is that by eliciting the process, the government will be unable to assert the original arrangements by the EU. In Johnson’s view, this is a can that can kick the road. The longer the installation period, the harder it is for Brussels to change the status quo.

Many Northern Ireland members are truly dissatisfied with the agreement, which complicates trade with the United Kingdom while maintaining its border with the Republic. Their concern is that this favors nationalism and balances the economy.

Concerns are understandable in states that are still defined by identity politics. This imposes an obligation on the EU to be flexible and practical and to maintain the minimum customs inspections necessary to protect the Single Market.

But Johnson is adding fuel to union members’ anxieties to put pressure on the EU. Sticking to the protocol, an implicit warning to Brussels will be implemented and you will endanger peace. This tactic, which applies directly to states that are vulnerable to inter-denominational extremism, can be politely described as playing with fire. A dull call represents an ominous attempt at extortion.

The prime minister is not impressed by the Foreign Ministry’s concerns that his hard-line approach will disrupt relations with the United States. President Joe Biden pays attention to his Irish heritage. And the White House has an important stake in the Good Friday Agreement.

According to insiders, Johnson is indifferent. He is pretending to be Churchill. During his spell as Foreign Minister a few years ago, diplomats reported that he would spend time in front of the mirror imitating the wartime leader Mannerism. He is unlikely to be pushed away by Biden.

Just as Downing Street dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a melancholy madness about all of this. The government has made a proposal knowing that the EU cannot accept it. Even if it tends to be flexible, Brussels is now confirming that Britain is unreliable in keeping its promises. The danger is that Northern Ireland pays the price.

Boris Johnson has proposed Brexit that the EU can only reject

Source link Boris Johnson has proposed Brexit that the EU can only reject

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