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Boris Johnson is “dissatisfied” with the lack of action by rich countries on climate change

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Boris Johnson said he was “more and more dissatisfied” with the commitment of world leaders to tackle the climate crisis.

At a UN meeting in New York, the Prime Minister warned that the gap between what developed countries promised and what they actually offered remains “extreme.”

He said that rich nations “are not close enough”.

Johnson urged them to double their efforts to achieve key funding pledges to support developing countries.

But he admits that the chances of a hit are only “six tenths” before Britain hosts the Cop26 Climate Summit in November.

“Everyone nods and we all agree that we have to do something,” Johnson told the United Nations Conference.

“Still, many confess that they are increasingly frustrated that the” something “that they have committed is not close enough.

“It is the world’s largest economy that is causing the problem, and the smallest one suffers from the worst consequences.

“And while progress is being made around the world, the gap between what is promised, what is actually offered, and what needs to happen … it remains vast.

“Too many major economies (some of which are represented here today and some of which do not exist) are far behind.”

Johnson talks about what happens if developing countries do not double their efforts to reach their goal of donating $ 100 billion a year (£ 73 billion) to reduce carbon emissions and protect themselves from environmental change. I issued a strict warning.

“If children’s lives aren’t worth the hassle of reducing domestic coal consumption, do they vote for you in a forum like this?” He said.

“Will they work with you, borrow from you, and stand with you if you tell the world that you don’t care if their land and their people slip under the waves?

“Being a mere bystander is part of their destiny, but if you don’t act this year, that’s exactly what you do.”

Before hosting Cop26 in Glasgow, Johnson has downplayed the potential to reach the $ 100 billion goal.

The prime minister met Amazon boss Jeff Bezos on Monday and vowed to him that the online giant would have to pay a fair tax burden in Britain and work on employee labor standards.

Boris Johnson is “dissatisfied” with the lack of action by rich countries on climate change

Source link Boris Johnson is “dissatisfied” with the lack of action by rich countries on climate change

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