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Boris Johnson “Javaling” Sir Kiel says “too weak to lead”

Sir Keir Starmer described Boris Johnson as “the worst prime minister at the worst time” and claimed to be “too weak to lead.”

However, the prime minister accused the opposition leader of “staggering” Covid Plan B and the quarantine rules. And he accused the Labor Party of playing party politics and “jabbers” while the government was jabing “getting to work.”

The exchange took place during the prime minister’s bitter questions, and the prime minister was repeatedly cursed for a conservative rebellion in which 100 conservative backbenchers voted against leader Plan B.

Kiel Starmer said he asked the Prime Minister if the Conservatives would do the same, and Labor lawmakers would continue to vote for Covid regulation as needed.

Labor Party leaders said: Can I ask the Prime Minister to arrange the house so that I can say the same thing about the members behind me? “

Boris Johnson replied: As the House understands, if more action is needed, and of course more regulation is needed, the House has more say.

“When it comes to following his leadership, they wobbled in Plan B, wobbled in quarantine, and wouldn’t even have deployed the vaccine if we had heard him.”

Labor Party leaders said: Instead, we are burdened by the worst possible prime minister at the worst possible time. “

To Tory’s Heckle, he said:

“His own lawmakers had enough, they don’t defend him, they don’t show up to support him, and if he proposes them, they’re basic public health. I will not vote for the measure. “

“The prime minister is so weak that without the Labor vote last night, important public health measures would not have been successful,” added Sir Kiel.

Labor leaders said Johnson replied, “That’s not true,” Sir Kiel added. I don’t know where to start.

“I can’t continue to be a prime minister who is too weak to take the lead, so will he spend time this Christmas looking in the mirror and asking himself if he has the trust and authority to lead the country?”

Boris Johnson responded to Labor Party leaders’ criticism of the Plan B Commons vote on Tuesday night, saying:

“I respect the feelings my colleagues have, of course the anxieties I have, and the legitimate anxieties they have about their freedom and the restrictions on people’s freedom.

“But I believe the approach we are taking is balanced, balanced and correct for this country.”

Johnson continued to defend the “tough” decisions he made as Prime Minister, including the deployment of vaccines.

He concluded that: They are jabs, we are jabs. They play party politics and we continue to work. “

The prime minister faced a similar taunt from the north of the border.

Ian Blackford, leader of SNP Westminster, told Boris Johnson: “A prime minister who cannot do what is necessary to protect the people is not the prime minister.”

He states: Last night, the British government struggled to take action through this house that Scotland had for months.

“A prime minister who cannot do what is necessary to protect the people is not a prime minister at all.

“No one wants any more restrictions, but if the Prime Minister can’t act because he has 99 problems, Scotland can’t get stuck. So he says we’re us. Will it give the delegated government the power and financial support it needs to protect its people?

Johnson replied: “There is power. The Scottish government has power, but what we have done is a record reconciliation in Scotland, £ 41 billion, but I’m actually quite behind the scenes, with all my heart. We will work with the Scottish Government to help us overcome this together. “

Speaking after the PMQ, a spokesman for Boris Johnson said. The prime minister “understands the concerns” of parliamentarians, following the prime minister’s biggest rebellion.

A spokesman asked about the Prime Minister’s reaction to nearly 100 Backbench MPs who voted against the government to oppose the implementation of the Covid Pass at a large venue.

She said the measures were “balanced and proportional” and would help slow the spread of Omicron “while significantly accelerating the booster program.”

She states: “We will continue to listen to MP concerns.”

She added that there was a “very regular conversation” between the Prime Minister, ministers, and backbench parliamentarians.

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Boris Johnson "Javaling" Sir Kiel says "too weak to lead"

Source link Boris Johnson "Javaling" Sir Kiel says "too weak to lead"

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