Boris Johnson ‘lives in property linked to wealthy Conservative donor’

boris johnson lives on an estate owned by the wife of a wealthy Tory donor. Londonhas been reported.

After leaving the office daily mirror The former prime minister said he lives in a Knightsbridge estate “around the corner from Harrods” owned by his wife, Mrs Carole Bamford. JCB big game main Bamford.

In an entry on the membership register, Mr Johnson said Mrs Carroll would offer “discounted use of accommodation for me and my family” to an estimated £10,000 per month for three months from the beginning of September. I have declared that I am worthy.

He also declared that from mid-September to mid-December another property owned by Lord Bamford and Lady Carroll would be used for himself and his family.

According to The Mirror, the property was thought to be the cottage of Lord Bamford’s Daylesford House in the Cotswolds.

A source close to Johnson denied the newspaper’s allegations that he was living rent-free and rejected suggestions that he had understated the value of the donation.

A spokesman for the former prime minister said, “All of Boris Johnston’s interests, including accommodation, are properly registered and published in the member’s interest register.”

Mr Johnson has pledged more than £1m in speaking fees since resigning in September. Boris Johnson ‘lives in property linked to wealthy Conservative donor’

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