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Boris Johnson met her mourning daughter and “lied” to her face

The sad daughter tells Boris Johnson that she “lied” after she died of the coronavirus during the first blockade of the state.

Hannah Brady, a member of the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice, was one of the few people to receive a face-to-face apology from Boris Johnson in September 2021. How her dad talkedWas 55 years old and had no underlying illness, but died of the virus after staying in a coma for 42 nights.

From Hannah, after the terrible details of Sue Gray’s report were announced WiganShe said she felt that the prime minister was “ignoring” the people. The report said that while the Prime Minister and his staff at 10 Downing Street had a party and ignored the rules of the coronavirus, civilians like Hannah could not spend time with their dying relatives. Revealed.

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Talk to mirrorHannah said: “He apologized, he said he obeyed the rules and did everything he could to save people like Dad, and he lied to me. . ”

Hannah’s dad, Sean, was a key worker at the Heinz factory in Wigan, where he lived. The daughters of the two fathers said she “paid the final price” after continuing to work in the factory during the first national blockade.

“Ignoring the culture of these parties’ Downing Street, and most of the security of the people, begins and stops at Boris Johnson,” she added. In addition to the detailed events enjoyed at the Prime Minister’s headquarters, Sue Gray also released a message showing that officials were talking about what seemed to be “our drink … escaped.”

Hannah said: “When I see a WhatsApp message from a senior official boasting that he has cut off his relationship with the party in Sugley’s report, he just screams contempt. If another crisis arises under this administration, the country’s reliable way is. Absolutely not. The people are not treated with exactly the same contempt. “

Due to the rules, the family, like many others, was unable to give Sean a proper see-off. She added: “His funeral was 10 people both in and out of the rain.

“We couldn’t touch his casket. We didn’t have an open casket, we couldn’t see his body. We absolutely stuck to the rules.’ , I couldn’t even get off to see if he was still alive, like the nine hours from when he called the ambulance to when they appeared.

“He wasn’t allowed to wake up, but he was allowed a party where someone else could spit red wine on the wall,” Hannah added, “a 20-minute funeral was allowed outdoors. Boris Johnson. Stayed at a 25-minute field rally. He spent five minutes longer at the May party than his father’s funeral in June the following month. “

Boris Johnson met her mourning daughter and "lied" to her face

Source link Boris Johnson met her mourning daughter and "lied" to her face

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