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Boris Johnson negotiates to break Staumont’s deadlock

Boris Johnson will later hold emergency talks with Northern Ireland’s political leaders to break the deadlock in Stormont caused by the post-Brexit deal.

Power sharing agencies are in jeopardy as a recent result assembly Election with DUP He refused to re-enter the delegated government in protest of the controversial Northern Ireland Protocol, which created economic barriers between the region and the rest of Britain.

The Prime Minister’s visit will take place in the face of heightened tensions between the UK and the EU over the prospect of moving to invalidate the elements of the Protocol under Westminster’s domestic law.

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Brussels has revealed that such unilateral action away from the main plan of the Brexit withdrawal agreement represents a clear violation of international law.

Prior to his trip to Northern Ireland, Mr Johnson said the UK had a “need to act” if it did not want the EU to reach a compromise in the deepening line over the Protocol.

However, he emphasized that the government remains open to “real dialogue” with the European Commission.

He also revealed that he did not like to dispose of the protocol and instead wanted to protect the changes to the protocol.

Johnson wrote in Belfast Telegraph that the government will outline in more detail the next steps planned by Congress in the coming days.

He said the Protocol was negotiated “in good faith” and added that “people who want to revoke the Protocol rather than ask for changes are focusing on what was wrong.”

“The EU has said that it is not possible to make changes to the text of the Protocol to actually resolve these issues in negotiations, as there is no obligation to do so.

“We always keep the door to real dialogue wide open.

“And we will continue to protect the single market, which has been protected through the existence of the Protocol so far, and the open border with the Republic of Ireland, which is always of paramount importance.

“There is definitely a wise landing point that protects the interests of all.

“Our common goal must be to create as wide an inter-community support as possible for the reformed Protocol in 2024 (when Congress votes to continue the arrangement).

“I hope the EU’s position will change.

“Otherwise, you will have to act.

“Government is responsible for ensuring the long-term protection of Northern Ireland’s consumers, citizens and businesses.

“We will begin a more detailed assessment and the next step to Congress in the coming days.”

The protocol controversy is not Monday’s sole focus, as Johnson also leverages his visit to promise three existing commitments, a package of stagnant languages ​​and cultures. .. Give women and girls full access to abortion services. Introduce new measures to deal with the legacy of the past.

The Protocol, agreed by the UK and the EU to maintain the free-flowing Irish border, requires customs and regulatory checks on the movement of goods between the UK and Northern Ireland.

It is a source of resentment and anger among many members and loyalists who believe the arrangement has undermined the union.

However, the majority of Staumont’s newly elected parliamentary MLAs represent political parties that support the retention of the Protocol, claiming that they have some protection against Northern Ireland from the negative economic consequences of Brexit.

They point out the free access that Northern Ireland traders must market to the EU single market as a major advantage of the Protocol.

The new parliament could not be convened because the Democratic Unionist Party refused to participate in the institution until significant changes to the Protocol were secured.

In the Stormont elections, the Sinn Féin party replaced the Democratic Unionist Party and became the first overall largest party in Northern Ireland.

The Democratic Unionist Party is still the largest union party in the region, and under Staumont’s rules, no new executive can be formed without agreeing to appoint a deputy prime minister’s post.

The Democratic Unionist Party has also blocked the appointment of a new speaker. This means that the Parliamentary Assembly cannot meet while the impasse continues.

On Sunday, party leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson revealed that action was needed, not words about the Protocol from Mr Johnson, before his return to power sharing was allowed.

The Sinn Féin Party, now the role of the first minister, has accused the Democratic Unionist Party of detaining the people of Northern Ireland on ransom by not allowing Stormont to function during the cost of living crisis.

Sinn Féin’s Prime Minister Michelle O’Neill will meet with Irish Prime Minister Mihol Martin in Dublin on Monday morning prior to the meeting with Mr Johnson, north of the border.

Over the weekend, British officials said Mr Johnson had to use a series of private meetings with the party leader to bring the parties together to form an executive and parliament to fix the protocol issue. I said to tell.

He says the British government “plays its role in ensuring political stability” while politicians need to “return to work” to realize the “bread and butter problem” for voters. Is expected to say.

The Irish News, one of Northern Ireland’s major daily newspapers, published an editorial in the form of an open letter on Monday morning, urging Johnson to reflect on the fact that the majority of Stormont endorsed the Protocol. ..

Adopting a nationalist editorial, this paper describes the transaction arrangement as “a logical and carefully constructed initiative with extensive international support that recognizes all the complexity surrounding the only border between the EU and the United Kingdom. I explained.

He added, “Please do not take any action that would have an overwhelming negative impact on the lives of all citizens on this important day.”

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Boris Johnson negotiates to break Staumont's deadlock

Source link Boris Johnson negotiates to break Staumont's deadlock

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