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Boris Johnson News Live: The latest news about Rab becoming deputy prime minister in a remodeling

Labor Party and Conservative Party chanting with “Pantomime” indication during PMQ

Dominic Raab After being removed from the Foreign Minister, he was appointed Deputy Prime Minister. Mr. Raab also became Secretary of Justice and Lord High Chancellor in the first appointment of the Prime Minister’s cabinet reshuffle.

Early this afternoon Gavin Williamson Removed as Secretary of Education Robert Jenrick He was banished as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Downing Street has confirmed that the government wants to complete a cabinet-level appointment today, and more junior posts will be announced in the future.

“Today, the Prime Minister will carry out a remodeling to deploy a strong and united team to better recover from the pandemic,” a source in Downing Street said.

in the meantime, Boris Johnson Refused to explain how Universal credit The petitioner can recoup the upcoming £ 20 weekly payment savings.

The Prime Minister was asked to set how many hours of additional work would be needed – after the Cabinet Minister mistakenly claimed that it was only two hours.

But Johnson didn’t say whether the real numbers were high or low.


10 Downing Street confirms Patel as Minister of Interior

Downing Street has officially confirmed that Priti Patel will remain in her post as Home Secretary.

Celine WaderaSeptember 15, 2021 16:10


Michael Gove appointed Minister of Housing

Former Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove has been appointed Minister of Housing for Boris Johnson’s cabinet reshuffle. Reuters I am reporting.

Celine WaderaSeptember 15, 2021 16:09


Liz Truss Appointed Foreign Minister

Liz Truss has been appointed Foreign Minister to replace Dominic Raab, who was appointed Deputy Prime Minister for Boris Johnson’s cabinet reshuffle.

Political editor Andrew Woodcock Report.

Celine WaderaSeptember 15, 2021 16:03


“He should have been fired more than a year ago” – Labor Deputy Leader Celebrate Gavin Williamson’s Departure

Labor Deputy Leader Angela Rayner celebrated the departure of Secretary of Education Gavin Williamson from the cabinet.

On Twitter, she said: “It’s good that Gavin Williamson was fired, but she should have been fired more than a year ago.

“The idiot’s absolute stupidity, failure and uselessness undermined the life opportunities of our children, and the government failed young people, teachers and educational staff.”

Celine WaderaSeptember 15, 2021 16:02


Priti Patel remains Home Secretary, No10 sources say

Home Secretary Priti Patel left Downing Street, but did not answer the question of whether she was still playing the same cabinet role during the prime minister’s remodeling.

No. 10 source said PA News Agency Ms. Patel said she would stay in her post as Minister of the Interior, despite widespread speculation that she would be transferred to another post.

Celine WaderaSeptember 15, 2021 15:58


Gove and Downen enter Downing Street

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove and cultural secretary Oliver Dowden both entered 10 Downing Street.



Celine WaderaSeptember 15, 2021 15:52


Amanda Milling dismisses Tories Co-Chair

Conservative Co-Chair Amanda Milling has announced that she has been removed from her Twitter post.

“It’s an honor and honor to be the Co-Chair of the Conservative Party,” she said before thanking the Volunteer Party, the CCHQ team, and the Prime Minister.

“I will continue to work to realize the plan to upgrade the UK.”

Celine WaderaSeptember 15, 2021 15:50


Rishi Sunak maintains his position as prime minister

Rishi Sunak will maintain his position as Minister of Finance at 10 Downing Street, confirmed on Twitter.

Celine WaderaSeptember 15, 2021 15:41


Dominic Raab removed from Foreign Minister and confirmed as Deputy Prime Minister

Dominic Raab was removed from his post as Foreign Minister, but was confirmed as the new Minister of Justice, Grand Justice and Deputy Prime Minister in the first appointment of Boris Johnson’s cabinet reshuffle.

Celine WaderaSeptember 15, 2021 15:31


Shadow Education Secretary Responds to Gavin Williamson’s Removal

Secretary of Education Shadow said the retiring Secretary of Education Gavin Williamson left a legacy of exam confusion and depressed staff.

“Gavin Williamson has failed children and adolescents, their parents, and hard-working educational staff throughout one of the most testing periods in our history,” said Kate Green.

“The two-year exam was confusing, staff abandoned, unsupported and depressed. That’s Gavin Williamson’s legacy.

“The prime minister allowed this to happen, put a failed education secretary in the post for months, and refused to fight for the future of the child.”

Celine WaderaSeptember 15, 2021 15:14

Boris Johnson News Live: The latest news about Rab becoming deputy prime minister in a remodeling

Source link Boris Johnson News Live: The latest news about Rab becoming deputy prime minister in a remodeling

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